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Glass reinforced plastics is twined shape the computer of craft assists analysis
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1 preface
Shape in composite material glass reinforced plastics in craft, the fiber wanting number with highest, computer more application wraps its automation pitch shape craft, its basically are reflected is fiber in twining a process, the CAD of winding pattern and the computer that wind campaign are controlled. However, apply extensively in the computer today, the computer twines craft in fiber medium application is less, a lot of jobs still need to be finished artificially, and, still have a few jobs, because do not have good control step, and must use vintage method, make precision, accuracy very poor, affect the performance of the product badly. The article twines integration analysis fiber the wide application domain of the computer in craft, analyse current applied condition, the applied domain that elaborates further development needs the certain respect that perfects further, will shape than elaborating fiber to twine in some detail the function of craft software and composition.
2 twine shape craft analysis
Fiber is twined shape craft substantially can be divided to if pursue,command two stage 1 is shown.
2.1 design phase
Fiber is twined shape craft begins from the design above all, include technology design, structure design, line design to wait. The design must want to have method of the condition of the design, design and design result. When wanting to wrap a certain product certainly, undertake craft is designed above all, the condition that craft designs wants the performance demand of voluble product namely. According to performance demand, follow regulation of a few designs, use reasonable design method, the design twines craft course, raw material and recipe solidify system to wait a moment. If be new product, or the product that has special performance demand, still need to have fair craft test, ability affirms craft designs a result, fill in craft designs a watch.
The partial result that the function that the input condition that the structure designs is a product asks geometrical appearance and dimension, craft is designed, the ply of layer of the intensity that is like a structure, liner, twine horn. After classics structure is designed, the design result such as a twines means, winding pattern, number of plies and its across to twine circumstance, reinforcement number that gets product and position, means that prop up.
Besides structural design and technology design, still have winding pattern design. The academic basis of line design is all sorts of twining the rule, be like geodesic twine, blame is geodesic twine, linear is twined etc. The product figure with different basis if cylinder, ellipsoid seals a head, wait for tension to seal a head to undertake line design, get ideal winding pattern parameter, if twine horn, point of tangency the revolution of model of core of a number, complete loop, tangle full part of the frequency going there and back of a car, center and its fine tuning are measured, gauze piece width. To mechanical fiber twister character, the result of line design is to hang annulus choose the input requirement that deserves to be designed with car annulus catenary, use hang annulus anthology deserve to reach car annulus catenary to design software, go out with respect to very can fast design hang the motion such as length of number of round of transmission comparing, tine, chain control uses parameter. To twister of personal computer pilot, besides line design, still must undertake athletic analytic, get the athletic parameter of each athletic rods, these parameter move namely the control basis that controls software and control target.   
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