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Series of EPMC material glass reinforced plastics operates a specification
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1, match an oar:
Press dust and dissolvent but scale, undertake agitate size mixing but rare chroma.
In the oar makings that joins agitate by the scale that the oar expects gross weight undertakes accelerant 1%-1.5%-2% . Of course, can undertake adjustment according to the circumstance.
2, oar makings is saved with use
The thick liquid that has expects, must use inside 24 hours end, had better be in 12 use in the hour end, lest originally oneself, and cause material to waste.
The affiliation of solidify agent, with the 1%-1.5%-2% of oar makings gross weight, exemple of 3%-4%-5% geometric ratio undertakes solidify, be sure to keep in mind solidify agent to join more, with respect to solidify fast, little with respect to solidify slow.
3, oar makings modified (EPMC material modified)
Can join liquid of fourth nitrile balata, increase tenacity.
Can join colophony of phenolic aldehyde colophony, epoxy resin, PU, of course these colophony had better be ability in swimming, it is avirulent at least.
Also can join about the monomer that adds pliable but strong, the 288A that we develop, 288B.
Also can join the 288A that we develop, 288B1: 1 mixture scale, enter modified, and increase firm tenacity. After mixing with EPMC material dissolvent, and avirulent.
Also can join EVA liquid, increase tenacity.
EPMC material can originally with heat gender, thermoplastic material mixes modified, with the ideal result that achieve or expects more than, be like monomer of compound of the amino colophony, oxygen that reach annulus again.
EPMC these the biggest characteristics and advantage, it is the colophony stuff place with at present current market cannot achieve but aleatoric modified, make and helped use EPMC material cooperative person the convenient space with larger more, can adjust cost of material arbitrarily, what can hold material goods mass with firmly is excellent.
But the material of aleatoric modified should first selection is acidity, second hind just be neuter.
4, inserts chooses to apply
EPMC material inserts is quartz only normally pink, silicon small pink, second hind it is porcelain pink (contented pink) , also can choose some of inorganic to need material to have stuff, it is the scale of the 1%-2% that integral oar expects.
Also can choose accept rice material, in order to enhance the quality of material, the 0.5-1 ‰ that is material gross weight normally or 0.5-1 ‰ 0.
5, fiber chooses to apply
Fiber is respectively without alkaline, medium alkaline, with Gao Jian, and EPMC material view is chosen without alkaline fiber.
Jian of EPMC data strength is to not have spin cloth, because do not have the harm that spins cloth to won't create any bodies to operating employee, or leave recessive harm.
Fiber, had better undertake finishing. Its processing technique uses coupling agent of alkyl of silicon of the KH-550A that we develop, 560B. Have coupling agent of KH silicon alkyl hydrolysis with the scale of 0.5%-1% . Undertake fibre glass next (cloth, silk, cloth with soft nap) immerse, in order to gain fiber and material conglutinate strength. The fiber that has handled is beardless air or drying, this is the place with EPMC distinctive material, and managing cost.
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