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Magnesium giving water chestnut (inorganic glass reinforced plastics) when does
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Magnesian material of water chestnut of new-style composite material is a kind of new-style building materials, it is gel material with burning magnesian pink gently, it is with magnesium chloride solution mix mixture, thin bamboo strip of medium, low alkaline fibre glass, reed or bamboo thin bamboo strip are enhance material, the organic and inorganic material with right amount rejoin is like powder of sawdust, fly ash, scoria to make filling, a kind of when be handled via special modified and become new-style housing materials; Its goods since product of a kind of new-style composite material, it is the new-style product that second birth of a kind of resource is used and uses integratedly. Main raw material belongs to trash to use more, accord with national industry policy, because this also is product of environmental protection of a kind of green. Water chestnut magnesian goods has weight light, intensity is tall, easy treatment, fire prevention, avirulent insipidity, machinability good, price the characteristic such as cheap, heat preservation, be applied extensively at the national economy such as industry, agriculture, traffic, building, adornment each industry, reserves of our country raw material is rich, investment yields than tall, accordingly its apply foreground dispute to often have potential. Accompany the development that firedamp ferments device studies, people begins a makings of this kind of composite profile to support the construction of firedamp canister now, but the people in handling a project discovers its products consists generally the blemish that sucks tide to return bittern, warpage, water-resistance difference and wear difference, how does ability make water chestnut magnesium applies at this kind better new-style ferment on device. Study the experience of water chestnut magnesian goods and lesson according to coming for a long time now, the fellow official that undertaking to everybody canister of firedamp of glass reinforced plastics of inorganic of this kind of material is produced now people a bit proposal, assure product quality in order to assure.
1, the normal manufacturer that asks into makings choice up to specification
As a result of each district magnesite of stone grade different, the difference of the respect such as degree of stand or fall of craft of each manufacturer to calcine, management, mill, custodial traffic condition, what production goes out is magnesian have very big difference, main body reachs physical function in content, active now. Because the stand or fall of equipment and management and climate reason bring about old bittern chroma to involve manufacturing cost,magnesium chloride is met, quality also won't be met achieve same a quality standard. Magnesium chloride still has natural magnesium chloride, answer bask in abstraction magnesium chloride, industry produces the component of magnesium chloride, put in the quality class with different move so. As a result of,return magnesian compare with magnesium chloride utility wide, the product of all sorts of different quality has different utility and sale. Still inserts and tension strengthen material Bo towing tie cloth and without spin cloth to have firm quality demand, because this suggests that this must choose those who spend to have reputation, scale is large (the small manufacturer that does not have credit a little is met agglomerate the be affected with damp be affected with damp that goes out for a long time without the sale what active part reduces is magnesian smash reoccupy, with its manufacturing products appears extremely easily return frost of bittern, extensive, be out of shape, the problem such as intensity difference, float especially frost is the most serious. ) , accord with the manufacturer home that makes firedamp canister demand, generally speaking:
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