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Glass reinforced plastics is twined shape the computer of craft assists analysis
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Winding pattern generates software to must have very extensive applicability. Winding pattern has a variety of, the appearance that wraps product is varied also, and size variation is more endless, this asks line generate software to have very extensive applicability, of course, should making a software can satisfy all twining to ask is not actual, also not was necessary, because development difficulty is great, and the use of the user asks each
Not identical, the user won't be willing to spend money to buy the function of a lot of not need. But, this is not the applicability demand that says to reduce software. Winding pattern generates software to divide generate helix to twine, hoop winding,
Plane is twined etc beyond a variety of winding pattern, still should have a variety of lines model automatic join, smooth glide is crossed and with AutoCAD interface, have the position in analysing system of software, control with the structure to control the interface of the control software such as software, tension and temperature, of facilitating implementation high accuracy and high automation twine a process to control. The accuracy that considers line design, can inspect gender, user friendly sex and control system cost all elements, winding pattern generates the run mode of software to have two kinds:  of Tao of た of Quan of  of  of press and smooth of approach of Piao of oxime of  of press and smooth of fan of  of exuviate of acute hearing whistle shows bit of Song of Hui of know well of small T of Song of Hui of arsine of massacre of have diarrhoea of Song of know well Hui the result of Song? line design delivers control software directly, by control software carries out the motion of high accuracy and technology control. Because cost restricted labour to control the function of machine, use online run mode to because labour accuses,perhaps be met machine upgrade raise cost, because labour accuses plane performance what to be restricted and reduce the certain function of line design software,perhaps meet, wait like limits of precision, interface, function. Leaving a line to move is to show winding pattern design and control are respectively on different computer undertake, the result of line design carries news report or disk copy accuses to labour on machine, use for motion and technology control software. Handy from the use that the line runs, flexibility is big, the winding pattern with still can make design an engineer to be in good the design at the same time loads twister to go up in computer terminal undertake trying voluble namely the computer is emulated, later again according to emulating a result seesaw pattern ground modifies line design, till get satisfactory line model till, such design process is twine an user
Saved a good deal of fee that is used at design and trying to bind a side. But run need news report from the line, or the user transmits data with disk copy, brought the trouble of certain level to the user. Two kinds of line run mode that make software can be chosen by the user, this also adds the flexibility that the user chooses.
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