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Workmanship of spare parts of car of glass reinforced plastics of colophony of n
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Fibre glass enhances plastic common to weigh glass reinforced plastics. Increase with what colophony of not saturated polyester makes for matrix plastic, call glass reinforced plastics of colophony of not saturated polyester (glass reinforced plastics of the following abbreviation) . It with the price cheap, craft sex is good, the integral performance after solidify is good, wider and wider application is carried at building, anticorrosive, shipbuilding, traffic, the respect such as industry of automobile industry, electric equipment. Auto industry not only usable do garnish, still can apply as structural material. It is especially in small lot production, use goods of glass reinforced plastics to be able to reduce cost, shorten production is periodic, reduce tool cost, improve spare parts quality. The car that my company produces also more and more adoption spare parts of glass reinforced plastics. Produce a situation to get used to this to plant, write especially issue this craft manual, as the basis that writes procedure. In producing practice, if have particular case, need takes the measure that differs with this file or compensatory step, can set in procedure. The article as advance copy, after waiting for production to stabilize, repair calm.
The condition of 1 workshop
1.1 workshops should drafty keep dry, relative humidity should be less than 80 % .
1.2 temperature should be in 15 ℃ - 25 ℃ , avoid draught. Otherwise easy cause styrene to volatilize the amount is too large, make colophony solidify not complete, goods surface is tacky.
1.3 works place must not have bright fire, do not get smoking.
2 material are custodial
2.1 storeroom temperature should under 20 ℃ . Colophony is custodial period must not exceed its period of keep in storage, fibre glass should be put in dry place. Accelerant also must not exceed his period of keep in storage.
Agent of 2.2 colophony, solidify should be deposited in the shady and cool place that is far from yard place. Solidify agent and accelerant should are far from. Solidify agent cannot be contacted with paper, cotton or other cellulose fabric, otherwise easy cause spontaneous combustion.
3 tools
The tool of the need in production of glass reinforced plastics has: Balance, plastic bucket, bucket matching glue, glue bucket, belt scale burette, wool is brushed, fretsaw of glove of scissors, balata, music, file, roller reachs a few self-restrained small-sized tools. Wool is brushed, after scissors, roller uses Bi Zhi, want to use X-1 thinner or acetone to be cleaned clean immediately.
4 tooling (figuration model) choice
4.1 according to spare parts exterior the requirement chooses shade model to shape or force plug shapes, stick tread to be glaze.
4.2 produce manufacturing master mold according to blueprint or example.
4.3 according to production master mold is made shape model.
4.4 shape the material of model and master mold can be metal, woodiness, gesso, epoxy resin adds filling and glass reinforced plastics to wait character.
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