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Use glass reinforced plastics to be opposite of average hot house transform reac
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Glass reinforced plastics (FRP) is a kind of new-style composite material, because of its superior performance, got be used extensively in recent years. The article discussed what regard plastic film as glass reinforced plastics to replace product application to produce the technical feasibility that uses solar hot house and economic feasibility at agriculture.
1 glass reinforced plastics can be used at the function of conservatory
1.1 proportion are small
The proportion of glass reinforced plastics uprights commonly at 1.4 ~ between 2.2g/cm3, lighter than aluminium alloy. The hot house that builds with glass reinforced plastics facilitates carry, installation, and can relatively the load that reduces conservatory oneself generation substantially, make conservatory more on the safe side.
1.2 intensity are high
Glass reinforced plastics has good mechanical performance, mechanical intensity can achieve the intensity that exceeds common carbon steel even. And glass reinforced plastics is OK the different situation getting power according to component part, configure the composition that enhances material, commutation to enhance material reasonably, change in order to satisfy the stress on different position and different way, make material accords with the requirement of the design adequately.
1.3 daylighting effect is good
Enclothe material with what glass reinforced plastics serves as conservatory, not easy and broken, light transmittance is in 85% above, and unlike glass has dazzle in that way, light intensity distributings even, in be in a poor light place also do not appear dark, indoor light is downy, without facula, the light does not suffer the effect that foliaceous bine holds back, photosynthesis area increases, be helpful for a plant growing.
1.4 coefficient of thermal conductivity are small, heat preservation performance is good
Traditional material for example concrete, glass, metal, heat proof quality is poorer, and the heat proof quality of glass reinforced plastics wants excel afore-mentioned material, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is small, heat preservation result is favorable, application can reduce be lost of quantity of heat at conservatory, raise conservatory to produce beneficial result.
1.5 use cycle are long
Glass reinforced plastics fights ageing ability strong, have be able to bear or endure goodly illumination, be able to bear or endure function of water, acid-proof, alkali resistance, build conservatory to be able to prolong the service life of conservatory not only with glass reinforced plastics, and do not need to adopt anticorrosive, antirust, insect-resistant the measure such as frog, reduced upkeep costs.
2 be opposite with material of glass reinforced plastics of solar conservatory transform
2.1 experiments use solar hot house
The experiment is Shandong birthday smooth vegetable to read extensively with conservatory the conservatory that chooses randomly inside garden, this hot house is basic structural parameter: Duo?0.5m, length 75m, backbone tall 3.8m, hind slope angle of elevation 40 ° , hind slope ability shadow 1.5 ~ 1.6m, before house angle of elevation 32 ° , wall of boreal side heat preservation is earthy brick structure, bubble of fill heat preservation, thick 1.4m, wall of thing heat preservation is earthy brick structure, thick 1.6m, indoor set reservoir of two medium-sized temperature adjustment to enclothe material to be common plastic film, meadow of heat preservation of form a complete set, on, next setting loophole, without auxiliary heat add wet unit. Conservatory bracket uses angle iron, thing span 3.Om, meantime uses bamboo pole to prop up, span 0.75m.
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