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The making flow of carbon fiber
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Carbon fiber is material with carbon element of shape of a kind of fiber. The big, density comparing that it is steel of a kind of intensity comparing is aluminous small, more anti-corrosive than stainless steel, more high temperature resistant than refractory steel, can resemble copper again electric in that way, have the new-style stuff of a lot of precious electricity, heat and mechanical function. With carbon fiber and plastic the aircraft that the composite material place that makes makes not only deft, and consume power little, thrust is big, noise is little; Make the disk of the computer with carbon fiber, can enhance the computer store quantity and operation speed; Increase with carbon fiber plastic will make the space flight such as satellite and rocket implement, mechanical intensity is high, quality is small, but managing and many fuel. Happened in 1999 south in the war of allied Kosovo, north used black lead bomb to destroy about south allied major electric power is supplied, its principle arose to enclothe the carbon fiber cloud of big range area namely, these conductivity fiber make short circuit of power supply system.
Current, people still cannot use carbon directly or black lead smokes carbon fiber, can use a few carbonaceous only organic fiber (wait like nylon silk, acrylic fibbers silk, rayon) make raw material, will organic fiber is united in wedlock together with plastic resin, put in the atmosphere of rare gas, heat up char by force below constant intensity of pressure and become
Carbon fiber is fibroid material with carbon element, its contain carbolic quantity to be in in chemical composition 90% above. Cannot fuse below high temperature as a result of carbolic simple substance (in 3800K above sublimate) , and not deliquescent in all sorts of dissolvent, so heretofore cannot make carbon fiber with carbolic simple substance.
Carbon fiber can pass high polymer organic fibrous solid photograph carbonization or small element hydrocarbon kind solution of gas phase heat will make take. With polyacrylonitrile fibrous solid photograph carbonization makes the carbon fiber majority of the sale of the generation on the world before going up. The move that its produce oxidizes beforehand for A: Heat in air, maintain hundreds minutes tens of coming is spent in 200-300. The purpose that oxidizes beforehand is make the ladder of heat-resisting of translate into of catenary of the line of polyacrylonitrile element structure, frit is not lighted and do not hold fiber position in order to make its are when high temperature carbonization. B carbonization: Heat to be spent to 1200-1600 in inert atmosphere, maintain number to be divided to number ten minutes, can make product carbon fiber; Uses inert gase can be gas of high pure nitrogen, argon or helium gas, but general and multi-purpose tall purity nitrogen is angry. C graphitization: Be in again inert atmosphere (it is commonly high pure argon is angry) heat to be spent to 2000-3000, maintain several seconds to come tens of second; The carbon fiber that such generating also calls black lead fiber.
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