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Epoxy resin / of carbon fiber composite material shape craft and application (be
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The structural data that at present the star carries aerial already by CF composite material unify the whole country. The ground the millimeter wave of all sorts of caliber, inferior antenna of CF composite material paraboloid already was in the high accuracy of millimeter wave, tall stability world industry developed country applies successfully. Composite material and the research that its use a technology already caused CF high accuracy casts design of structure of content CF composite material antenna to reach shape one of craft changes. 9 institutes developed thirtieth of Ministry of Electronic Industry low expand, the material of accurate alloy mould of tall Courier temperature and in system of lukewarm solidify EP, use lay up design and technology of move law metallization, final development exports diameter to be 1000mm, model antenna of paraboloid of composite material of EP/CF of the high accuracy that face precision achieves 0.131mm, laminose type. Institute of northwest electron equipment chose to have Gao Bigang to bilge gender, high than intensity, small line the EP/CF composite material of coefficient, the technique that shapes with manual lay up, autoclave was made rib of antenna of satellite of EP/CF composite material. Make clear via detecting, rib achieves design requirement, hold application communication antenna system at some star.
3.5 set a broken bone board
Fracture heal is an extremely complex biology process, in a variety of factors that affect fracture heal, it is most important that with fracture local and mechanical environment and blood are supplied. One of important steps that are fracture of remedial limb long bone are secured inside board of set a bone, but of board of set a bone embedded the biologic reaction in will naturally causing fracture environment, the biologic environment with indispensible place of disturbed fracture heal. Accordingly, local to fracture blood offers board of set a bone and the influence of mechanical environment is become measure quality of board of set a bone and design reasonable the important parameter that wait. How to assure fracture already paragraph stable, the stress with can make fracture end bears particular again is exciting, reduce board of set a bone as far as possible at the same time embedded the harm that local to fracture blood offers, it is people is aimed at the heat that research and exploration secure inside board of set a bone all the time. Come for years, scholars are opposite around afore-mentioned two respects consistence of the material of board of set a bone, biology, stiffness, design had a lot of new exploration and attempt, apply the result of a few successes at clinical, got satisfactory result.
After board of set a bone is secured, in fixed bone paragraph produce bone to measure structure of funeral estrangement bone to reach bone mussily the reason that mechanical function drops, the view is still at present skimble-scamble, can reduce 3 kinds: It is stress keep out, measure bone of apparent prep above as a result of model of armor plate flexibility namely, make inside secure paragraph of bone to cannot get physiology for a long time to stress is stimulated and produce bone structure to change; 2 it is hematic carry is destroyed, include armor plate to oppress the operation incurs parenchyma periosteum loss; 3 it is prestressing force, it is namely after armor plate bolt is fixed, the generation inside bone and backbone grow the stress with axial different way. But no matter which kinds are academic, all the tigidity with armor plate, the interface of armor plate and backbone surface is accumulated and secure time to concern. Use EP/CF the characteristic that board of set a bone has as stretch as bone model to measure likeness, after fracture is secured, minim activity can generate in fracture end, with bone scab forms the Ⅱ that makes fracture gets adamancy all round stimulation period heal.
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