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Glass reinforced plastics is pulled crowded shape craft
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Pull crowded shape craft is the successive fibre glass fluid of macerate colophony glue bundle, belt or cloth, below the action of traction, shape through extruding mould, solidify, produce the profile of glass reinforced plastics that length is not restricted continuously. This kind of craft is the most comfortable at producing the profile of glass reinforced plastics of all sorts of section appearance, be like club, canal, hypostatic profile (form of I-shaped, chamfer, quadrate profile) with hollow profile (door window profile, lamina) etc.
Pull crowded shaping is composite material shapes one of craft special technology, its advantage is: ① produces a process to realize automation control completely, manufacturing efficiency is tall; ② is pulled crowded shape content of the fiber in goods can be as high as 80% , impregnation undertakes below tension, can sufficient play enhances the action of material, product strength is high; Vertical, transverse strength can adjust ③ product arbitrarily, the use of goods of OK and contented different and mechanical function asks; ④ produces waste material of horn of the immensity in the process, after the product does not need, machine, reason relatively other craft saves project, province raw material, province specific power consumption; ⑤ product quality is stable, repeatability is good, length can be cut off arbitrarily.
Pull crowded shape the defect of craft is product figure drab, can profile of product line form, and transverse strength is not high.
(1) pull crowded craft to use raw material
① colophony matrix is in in helping crowded technology, application is most is colophony of not saturated polyester, occupy the 90 above of this craft colophony dosage about, still have sex of colophony of epoxy resin, vinyl, hot solid additionally colophony of methylic acrylic colophony, modified phenolic aldehyde, anti-flammability colophony.
② enhances material to pull what crowded craft uses to enhance material, basically be fibre glass and its goods, if not have,twist felt of roving, successive fiber. To satisfy the special function of goods to ask, can choose fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon, carbon fiber and metallic fiber to wait. It is which kinds of fiber no matter, when be being used at helping crowded technology, its surface must pass processing, those who make stick very well with colophony radical physical ability receive.
③ assists material to pull the auxiliary material of crowded craft to basically have agent of drawing of patterns and filling.
(2) pull crowded shape mould
The mould is to pull crowded shape main tool of the technology, general by shape beforehand model and shape two parts constitute the pattern. ① shapes beforehand the mould is in pull crowded shape in the process, after enhancing material macerate colophony (or by macerate while) , in enter shape before the mould, must pass what guide by a group gauze component is comprised to shape beforehand mould, shape beforehand modular action is the buildup impregnation hind material, configure a form according to profile section, form stage by stage shape approximately the model accuses appearance and dimension shape beforehand body, enter next shape model, can make sure goods section contains gauze so the amount is even. ② shapes the mould shapes of area of mould cross section and area of product cross section be more than than answering commonly or be equal to 10, in order to make sure the model has enough strength and stiffness, the quantity of heat after heating distributings to be mixed equably stable. Pulling crowded mould length is according to shaping speed of the drawing in the process and speed of colophony gel solidify decide, level of solidify of drawing of patterns is reached in order to assure when goods is pulled. Use steel plating chromium commonly, requirement of modular antrum surface is bright and clean, wear-resisting, so as to decreases pull crowded shape to chafe yes obstruction and the service life that improve a mould.
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