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Plumbing of water supply of glass reinforced plastics of 144km carrying hill on
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1 project general situation
1.1 designs general situation
The task of plumbing of water supply carrying hill on the head basically is to be project of boreal border water supply to carry hill on the head to 3 springs section each construction site offers the life and production to use water, water supply applies time limit for a project to move 5 years, later period uses water pipeline as afforest. Start of project of water supply carrying hill on the head is carrying hill government office on the head, terminus is in office of 3 fontal government, overall length of feed pipe line makes an appointment with 144km, object of main water supply is along the line hole of Sui carrying hill on the head, small depression chamfer pours siphon, desert bright canal, 3 springs pour siphon construction division and control stand place to wait. 384m3/h of conduit rated discharge, quantity of days of the biggest water supply can amount to 9000m3/d.
Project of water supply carrying hill on the head is in charge of path, pumping station and exalted cistern composition by fountainhead ground, water supply. According to the distributinging circumstance of fountainhead, water supply chooses in succession reservoir and total trunk canal to serve as pumping station extraction water (one class pumping station) fountainhead. The channel that joins project of boreal border water supply is decorated and accompany a highway decorate, feed pipe line is decorated on the right side of highway of travel of main edge companion, be apart from channel 100 ~ 150m, with benefit at construction, management, move. Conduit and channel, road decorates a relation to see a picture 1.

Graph conduit of water supply of a hill and channel, road decorates relation sketch map
The system comprises as follows: According to the landform characteristic of along the line, in fountainhead ground 590m tall Cheng sets one class lift pump to stand, come through 7.5km conduit pump up water cistern of perch carrying hill on the head, tall Cheng 685m, set 1600m3 adjustment pool here, to the water of water supply the quantity undertakes modulatory, add the flexibility of water supply, use gravitational do as one pleases to be defeated by water to come 126 government institute; Exalted cistern comes 114.5km of 126 strong points, the biggest landform differs 143m high, show the depression landform characteristic between bicephalous high school, conduit uses pipeline of glass reinforced plastics of DN400 ~ DN350; 1000m3 adjustment cistern and 2 class lift pump are set to stand in 126 management, reach point of 3 fontal government through 14.5km conduit pump up water, conduit uses pipeline of DN350 glass reinforced plastics, pipeline terminal sets 2000m3 adjustment cistern and 10000m3 reserve pool. 5km of every other of feed pipe line sets one punish water to nod, use water in order to satisfy unit of construction of along the line.
1.2 geology, hydrology, atmosphere
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