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Of agent of finishing of water chestnut magnesian goods make up
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One, sealant (agent of sealing of hole) make up:
Acetic acid cellulose (or nitrocellulose element) 10 water that add 90, law of the bath that use water lies between water to heat, agent of sealing of hole is namely after dissolving. In shape the gush with the board even face of dry impetuous brushs on one can. Every square metre uses 175 grams.
2, drier:
What drier place uses is: Oxidation calcic pink, gesso, inferior sodium nitrate. Its scale is: Oxidation calcic pink 1; Gesso 1 pink; Inferior sodium nitrate 0.5. The product place that makes by place is added appropriately.
3, coloring agent:
Coloring agent (all acquire an agent) -- add OS flatly - 15. 1 add OS flatly - after the 15 hot water that add 30 are dissolved, use.
4, the agent that take off film: 17-99 of usable corn oil, transformer oil, dish young oil, polyvinyl alcohol.

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