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Epoxy resin / of carbon fiber composite material shape craft and application (in
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2.5 beforehand dip makings shapes
Heating beforehand, below pressurization or the condition of use dissolvent, with EP beforehand macerate CF. After dip expects in the environment temperature leaves store for some time, still can protect beforehand use character, the beard when should wanting to extend the expiration period issues reserve data in refrigerant condition. Colophony presents critical solid state below environmental temperature normally, reason is felt beforehand dip expects from time to tome slight conglutinate move. Beforehand dip makings uses handiwork or machinery is spread at mould surface, pass vacuum bag vacuumize, put into autoclave to shape. Heat normally make colophony flows afresh, final solidify. The main good point of this law is can adjust EP/ solidify agent accurately to deserve to compare be in with EP the content in CF, get Gao Han measures CF; Because make a process use resin of penetrable tall viscosity, colophony chemistry function, mechanical function and hot property are optimum. Main drawback is goods of autoclave solidify composite material expend big, exercise measure of slow, product accepts restriction; The mould needs to be able to bear exercise temperature and manufacturing cost is higher.
Solidify of 2.6 low temperature beforehand dip trembles shape
This craft is pressed completely beforehand preparation of dip makings method, the chemistry of EP makes its are able to be in costal region - 100 ℃ solidify. When 60 ℃ , material can operate the expiration period to be able to be less than a week to also can extend a few months. The flow of colophony system is sectional comfortable at using vacuum bag pressure, avoid to use autoclave. This law is divided have a tradition beforehand outside the advantage that dip makings shapes, because need vacuum bag pressure only, solidify temperature is low, mould material is cheaper and specific power consumption is low, use simple hot air to add hot cell to be able to create large structure easily circularly. Main drawback is composite material cost still prep above beforehand dip fabric; The mould needs to be able to withstand the temperature of temperature of prep above environment; Because need friend of solidify of temperature of prep above environment,still have specific power consumption.
2.7 pull crowded shape
This craft is to point to macerate the successive CF classics of EP heats the model is pulled fashion the process that books sectional profile. The program is: ① makes CF enhances material macerate colophony; After ② CF shapes beforehand, enter heat inside the mould, solidify of colophony of farther macerate, matrix, composite material finalizes the design; ③ cuts off profile by requirement length. In this craft, EP macerate CF has two kinds of kind: It is glue chamfer dipping process firstly. Be about to enhance material to pass colophony chamfer impregnation, enter a mould next, use this method normally; It is infuse dipping process secondly. After GF enhances material to enter a mould, by the colophony place macerate inside infuse mould. The main good point of this law is production speed fast, pull the utilization rate that is pushed into profile makings to paper the utilization rate that expects into profile to be 75%) only for 95%(hand; Colophony content can be controlled accurately; Show as a result of fiber fore-and-aft, and bulk mark but taller (40%-80%) , profile axial structure is consequently characteristic but first-rate. Main drawback is mould charge taller; Production of general be confined to is constant the goods of cross section.
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