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Craft of construction of annulus oxygen glass reinforced plastics
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Render: After wall and bottom basic level examination are eligible, with render of epoxy resin sizing material. Cent second undertake render construction, be helpful for the adhesion of colophony of beaded finish oxygen and concrete matrix. Use epoxy resin first: Acetone =100: The scale of 100 brushs besmear the first priming paint, sizing material should have as far as possible shed malleability, the purpose makes epoxy resin can inside infiltration concrete matrix. Wait for matrix of infiltration of the first priming paint, add smear the 2nd priming paint. Right now advocate the recipe of makings is epoxy resin: Acetone =100: 700, the range estimation after adding smear examines, concrete matrix surface has paint burnish to be beneficial. Should use the work with hard needle to enlarge its to place of beehive hemp face make the first footing is brushed completely, the examination after solidify has flawless, want complete infiltration matrix, make footing and cement matrix form unified whole, requirement besmear is brushed even, must not leak besmear, stream drip, after waiting for solidify, planish with sand paper.
The quality of construction of epoxy resin render guards a pass to affect the adhesion of layer of structure of glass reinforced plastics and concrete matrix directly. If the construction of render is careless, cause coating adhesion easily insufficient, cause bubbly, appear even glass reinforced plastics is whole come off phenomenon.
Repair: On the foundation that lays good ground floor, will cave wrong place repairs fill with annulus oxygen puddle, corner office wipes circular arc lead-over groove with daub head and place of mouth leaving residue should be blown carefully, to caving too in, cent second repair fill, yi Ke uses colophony mortar to repair, flow in case drip, after waiting for solidify, planish with sand paper, maintain the integral level of daub surface. Recipe of annulus oxygen rare puddle is, epoxy resin: Second 2 amine (solidify agent) : Acetone: Adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 fourth ester (plasticizer) : Quartz powdery =100: 20: 50: 10: 250.
Stick vitreous cloth: In annulus oxygen rare puddle repairs complete solidify dry after 24 hours, the line after besmear brushs a epoxy resin to soak cloth of 0.18 ㎜ glass sticks ground floor, at the same time line is stuck add at the same time brush line of a epoxy resin to stick the 2nd, three-layer method is duplicate after 24 hours of solidify, be bored with of the oxygen that use annulus child exterior nap make level after 24 hours of solidify, besmear brushs paint of epoxy resin face after a 24 hour solidify, besmear brushs paint of epoxy resin face the 2nd checks and accept consign.
This construction method is called " clearance law construction " exercise. Although the construction of method of this kind of construction is periodic longer, construction difficulty is greater, construction cost is higher, but the glass reinforced plastics that makes with this law sticks relay, compressive strength, apparent excel glass reinforced plastics of oxygen of continuous method annulus (shape layer of cloth of successive and stickup glass) construction.
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