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Epoxy resin / of carbon fiber composite material shape craft and application (on
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Epoxy resin (EP)/ carbon fiber (CF) composite material is a when CF enhances composite material main branch. In recent years, as the ceaseless development that people understands to EP/CF composite material, ceaseless protruding shows its superior performance, make its dosage rise ceaselessly. 20 centuries before 70 time, EP/CF composite material is regarded as expensive stuff, the price is fibre glass about (10 times what GF) enhances composite material, use at the sophisticated technology trade such as war industry, space navigation only. 20 centuries after 80 time, CF industry and EP industry grow quickly, EP/CF compound technology progresses ceaselessly, the CF scale in joining EP rises ceaselessly, at present the bulk mark of CF already can amount to 60% above, make the quality of EP/CF composite material rises and price fall, widened its use a field, promoted the development of EP/CF composite material further.
1CF and its EP the basic characteristic of composite material
The characteristic of 1.1CF and main ingredient
CF basically is by carbon the element is comprised, its contain carbolic quantity to be in commonly 90% above. CP is had high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure attrition, electric, heat conduction and anti-corrosive wait for character, what differ with material of general carbon element is, its anisotropy is remarkable, soft, can machine all sorts of fabric, edge fiber axial shows very high strength. The main raw material of preparation CF has rayon (fiber sticking gum) , polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber and bitumen. Normally preparation high strenth, high standard measures CF to choose PAN to be raw material more. Preparation CF needs a course to pull silk, draft, stable, char, graphitization 5 phase.
The action of 1.2EP matrix
EP has good treatment performance and mechanical property, its solidify shrinkage is low, felt performance is superior. The main effect of the EP in composite material is stick CF together, allocate the load between CF, protective CF does not suffer environmental effect.
The character of 1.3EP/CF composite material
The character of EP/CF composite material basically depends on the felt between EP and EP and CF, CF is characteristic. EP/CF composite material has superior performance, compare with steel photograph, the is steel than intensity 4.8-7.2 of EP/CF composite material times, the 3.1-4.2 that is steel than modular quantity times, fatigue intensity is steel about 2.5 times, 3.3 times aluminous, and high temperature capability is good, its intensity and modular volume are main when working temperature amounts to 400 ℃ keep changeless. Still have density and linear expansion coefficient in addition it is small, anti-corrosive, good to fight sex of creep, whole, fight statified, fight concussion to wait, in existing construction material, its are more highest than intensity, more integrated than modular quantity index. Shape in treatment composite material of the EP/CF in the process has whole of easy large area to shape, shape the distinct advantage such as stability.
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