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Glass reinforced plastics places arenaceous canal to be in what apply in project
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Shanghai Pudong International Airport is in Pudong new developed area southeast and south collect the beach of mouth of the Yangtse River the area the ground, it is the alluvial Campagna of leading edge of delta of the Yangtse River formerly, relief evenness, average tall Cheng is Wu Song tall Cheng about 3.4 ~ 4.3m, subterranean water level is higher, make an appointment with 3 ~ 3.5m, geology is type of soft earth foundation.
According to Pudong airport 2 period the catchment engineering design in the project, conduit of rain, sewage is in charge of diameter to be Dn300 ~ Dn2400 respectively, total length makes an appointment with 10km to control. Choose tubal capable person correctly, to project quality, construction invests, construction speed impact is quite big. Traditional concrete is in charge of and the ferroconcrete is in charge of, conduit buries deep 4.0m on average, local place buries deep 7.5m, excavate of hole of pipeline construction time base is deeper, and because concrete canal is self-prossessed big, tubal length is short, interface is much and interface form is opposite poorer reason, because foundation sedimentations,conduit interface is caused more easily to be out of line below this kind of geological circumstance, cause farther conduit, inspection shaft thereby inhomogenous heavy demote, this kind of circumstance already happened in a section of a highway of part of first phase project.
Accordingly, appropriate uses interface form good, self-prossessed division of light, valve the new-style canal material with convenient, integrated inferior cost comes to long, construction the concrete conduit that replaces a tradition, for example arenaceous canal of clip of glass reinforced plastics, enhance polypropylene canal, pvc is plastic the canal that add muscle, double wall twines plastic pipe to wait. Consider the real case of Pudong airport, enhance polypropylene canal, pvc is plastic because the canal that add muscle is in charge of diameter problem to cannot suit the situation of Pudong airport well, because this is right ferroconcrete canal, double wall twines plastic pipe, glass reinforced plastics to placed arenaceous canal to undertake technical economy is compared, a kind of when think glass reinforced plastics places arenaceous valve is the geological circumstance that can get used to Pudong airport better drainpipe.
One, the analysis that geological circumstance affects to conduit
1, airport of earthy circumstance Pudong 2 period area of project of municipal form a complete set is filled to be surrounded artificially in recent years form, layer of earth of catchment conduit place is gray 1 layer in ② earth of arenaceous qualitative pink, the layer is thick 1.5 ~ 5.5m, layer ground level - 0.59 ~ - 4.25m, earthy better, in be constrictive earth. ③ is gray 1 layer clay of silty qualitative opaque, the layer is thick 1.3 ~ 3.3m, layer ground level - 2.14 ~ - 6.25m, earthy weaker, for high constrictive ground.
2, easy generation flows below the action that use water arenaceous, cause construction difficulty to become base when hole excavate deepness is more than 3m, must adopt effective well to order precipitation step, perfect the catchment condition of construction site, otherwise, cause stream arenaceous reach Guan Chong happening and disturb foundation, cause foundation to bear the weight of force drops, cause inhomogenous sedimentation, cause very great difficulty to the project.
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