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Colophony of research and development of the polyurethane that do obeisance to e
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Message of SCHAUMBURG of American Yi Linuo Yi, a few years since, colophony delivers moulding (RTM) craft is used to all the time make complex part. With hereat the colophony of craft includes to have polyester, ethylene ester and epoxy resin. But, the leader of polyurethane technology does obeisance to company of ear material science and technology (BayerMaterialScience) devoting oneself to polyurethane colophony to work in the development of RTM craft.
In RTM craft, fiber glass is filled up by park in double-faced mould. When the mould closes polyurethane colophony is entered by inject inside. After the component undertakes solidify, the mould is opened again get final part thereby.
A new colophony delivers moulding is vacuum colophony delivers moulding (VARTM) , this is one kind is permeated through fiber make vacuum general colophony inspiratory is not the craft that inject enters a mould in the mould. The complete soak that VARTM craft ensured fiber glass is filled up, what and was eliminated may cause component defect is bit drier.
The main good point that polyurethane colophony uses RTM and VARTM technology is it can offer be like not saturated polyester than other colophony or the physical performance with ethylene more superior ester. In fact, polyurethane resinous intensity and tigidity are stronger than polyester. Polyurethane colophony is friendly to the environment because this still can be used at replacing the colophony with similar other, if contain VOC,arrange styrene and need waste time the polyester of activator of oxygen of can frigorific annulus.
The has exceedingly good tenacity complex part that in RTM and VARTM craft use polyurethane makes opened brand-new market for this technology, include to have ballistic industry and sporting goods.

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