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Glass reinforced plastics is twined shape the computer of craft assists analysis
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2.2 control phase
Twine in fiber shape in craft, control phase and design phase are likewise important. The function that controls level is high accuracy ground control twines process and its parameter change, in order to achieve design requirement. In the control to twining a process, it is athletic control above all, control the movement that each athletic freedom spend namely, this is whether the key that wraps an eligible product. To athletic pilot the requirement is accuracy and the accuracy that repeat motion, 2 it is smooth sex, the 3 flexibility that are line change and extensive applicability. It is parameter control next, include to twine control of floor-to-floor time of control of tensional control, temperature control, the capacity that contain gum, solidify to wait, parameter control also will produce very big effect to wrapping the function of goods, also be a product even sometimes whether successful key, for example, unreasonable or tensional control system is not accurate, can make interior twines a layer to become loose, structural intensity drops; solidify is bad, cause demand of performance of product short of. Accordingly, parameter is controlled also must reasonable, accurate. From this we can see, twine shape the design method that each link in process had needed and scientific design method, still need the control measure of high accuracy at the same time, if rely on traditional artificial design and experience,be no good, must make full use of the computer, replace person head to finish a lot of designs and control task ability to achieve this one goal with computer.
3 computers assist analysis, design and control
The computer is in twine shape the application in process, accept the on any account that deciding to wrap process automation pitch. The application of the computer includes the following field:
3.1 twine craft to design software
Craft designs software to worry the basis the performance demand of goods, if the design such as anti-corrosive, high pressure, insulation twines craft, those who include design of recipe of resinous of colophony of commonly used polyester, epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde, commonly used recipe is mechanical allocate with chemical performance data, yarn, of the making craft of liner and structural layer, colophony and gauze deserve to wait than reaching dosage, the craft that designing a result is output designs sheet, perhaps offer the data document that other software transfers.
3.2 structures design software
Twining a structure to design basically is to show intensity is designed, its design a method to have a variety of, if reseau devises method of design of academic, intensity theory, stiffness,wait. Say commonly, wait for goods to collect much reseau to theory designs; and press goods to use stiffness to design a method more external more to canister of internal pressure conduit, lay aside and container, use nucleus of intensity theory school. The structure has a variety of design methods in design software, can ask to use the most appropriate method to undertake structural intensity is designed according to wrapping the function of goods. In addition, software still has complete database, if not have,deposit all sorts of fiber alkaline fibre glass, medium fiber of fiber of alkaline fibre glass, excel in, carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon the mechanical performance data of the performance data that wait and commonly used recipe. The result that the structure designs besides be outputted through printing form, still convey to be like line design software to other design software through data file.
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