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Hand of glass reinforced plastics papers craft
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One, the spray of gel coat and besmear are brushed For the exterior condition of improvement and beautification glass steel, increase the value of the product, make sure lining glass reinforced plastics does not suffer erode, prolong goods service life, we are the working surface make it goods commonly one is added have painty paste (lubricious oar) , the sub with colophony very high content, it can be pure colophony, yi Ke increases with exterior felt. This sub says for gel coat layer (also call exterior layer or decorate a layer) . Gel coat layer makes the stand or fall of quality, the explicit quality that affects product directly and be able to bear or endure await a gender, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming and be able to bear or endure chemical medium aggressivity, reason should notice the following when spray of gel coat layer or besmear brush:

(1) when configuring gel coat colophony, want to mix adequately, when using painty paste especially, if mix inhomogenous, can make goods surface appears stain and stripe, this affects the exterior not only, and still can reduce its physics performance. Answer to use mechanical agitate to undertake mixture as far as possible for this, and had better use the blender that does not produce eddy, in order to avoid infiltrate air.

(2) gel coat can be brushed with wool or special gush * comes spray. The styrene that adds 5~7 ﹪ should fill when spray losing styrene volatilizes in order to adjust in resinous viscosity and compensatory spray process.

(3) the ply of gel coat layer should be controlled accurately between 0.3~O.5mm, the gel coat quality that uses with unit area place normally will control, namely the dosage of gel coat is 350~550g/ ㎡, can achieve the ply of afore-mentioned requirements so.

The ply of gel coat layer wants appropriate, cannot too thin, but also cannot too thick, if gel coat is too thin, may solidify is not complete, and the fibre glass of gel coat the reverse side is shown easily dew comes out, affect exterior quality, beautification and the action that protect product of glass reinforced plastics are less than since; Be like gel coat heavy panel, produce chap easily, not impulse withstand force, do not endure the concussion that comes from direction of product reverse side especially. Gel coat besmear is brushed inhomogenous, cause crackle easily also in process of drawing of patterns, because exterior solidify speed is differ,this is, and the cause that makes colophony interior produces stress.

(4) gel coat wants besmear to brush even, avoid gel coat as far as possible local accumulation.

(5) the solidify degree of gel coat layer must have mastered.

Layer of examination gel coat whether the best measure with modest solidify makes use feeling law to touch with 1000 clean finger namely surface of gel coat layer, if feel,have a place a little tacky but when sticking a hand, layer of demonstrative gel coat personal classics is basic solidify, can undertake at this moment next paste controls an operation, in order to ensure gel coat layer and the integral sex that carry lining on the back. On one page | Issue one page
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