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The making method that well of glass reinforced plastics covers and sort
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One, the basic estimation of existing state of affairs of development of lid of our country compound well
1. Since 90 time, the work of research and development that our country compound well covers develops flourishingly, very rapid, not only manufacturing a technology, and in product breed and respect of scale of production, all obtained rise significantly. At present compound well lid already was become wide be attention, developing products of project of a kind of new-style construction.
2. Lid of our country compound well develops the main sign with good the look of things, mirror in the following respects:
(The new-style variety that 1) compound well covers ceaseless emerge in large numbers, in choose material and its structure respect to all have ceaseless innovation.
(2) builds compound Jing Gaisheng to produce company number to increasing, number of estimation home of all kinds company already was in 100 above.
(Compound well of 3) our country builds patent technology number year after year grows, novel sex and Promethean respect all improve its technology somewhat.
3. Our country compound well builds what already got society and market stage by stage to approbate, applied limits and its area are in escalate.
2, the manufacturing technology that our country compound well covers develops way
(One) traditional cement well lid and cast-iron well lid review our country to be given priority to with cast-iron well lid all the time, continue to use tens of year long, a kind of traditional product that makes place of industry of a kind of construction use. The well builds the cement concrete that uses material of fiber of reinforcing steel bar, steel, fibre glass to increase, also own fair market share.
1. Reinforcing steel bar enhances cement concrete well lid:
2. The improvement that the well builds cement concrete type:
(1) reinforcing steel bar enhances polyester cement concrete well lid
(2) uses steel fiber, fibre glass to enhance the concrete well lid of material
3. Cast-iron well builds: Development history is earlier, constituent of cast-iron well lid is cast-iron.
Characteristic: Intensity is high, use fast.
Defect: Cast-iron function is more fragile, easy and broken, rupture even; Specific power consumption is tall: When making, need twice to shape, make cast iron first, mould becomes cast-iron well shell after, the specific power consumption of these two working procedure is very tall; Measure of the technology that make is much, shape the cycle that make is longer; Jumpy noise is big when cast-iron well lid is used;
Problem: Easy by pilfer, produce traffic and person safety accident extremely easily; Energy resources of raw material cast iron, coal rises in price, the benefit that creates cast-iron Jing Gaisheng to produce a business drops. On one page | Issue one page

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