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Passenger car glass reinforced plastics stick receive technology
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As the flying development of industry of our country car, if a few light simple stuff are glass reinforced plastics, plastic the application that waits for metalloid material is wider and wider also. Among them glass reinforced plastics is made, because of its superior mechanical performance and technical properties, make what make in the passenger car in the envelope outside be being applied extensively at automobile body, before be like, back wall envelope, with etc a few component, be like bumper, engine
The cover.
In most car manufacturer, glass reinforced plastics the means that uses riveting mostly with the join of automobile body, construction of means of this kind of join is convenient, the operation is simple. But, the main drawback of riveting is, easy cause glass reinforced plastics stress concentration, time became long cause rivet easily become loose and glass reinforced plastics local craze. To overcome the weakness of riveting, a few coach of foreign produce manufacturer, had begun to use stick received method to join component of glass reinforced plastics to automobile body. Because stick,receive glass reinforced plastics the stress that suffers distributings on average to receive a face to go up at sticking, the stress that avoided riveting place generation thereby is out of shape and craze. Accordingly, in glass reinforced plastics go up with the join means of automobile body, stick the riveting technology that receives craft to replacing a tradition.
1 glass reinforced plastics make
Abbreviation of glass reinforced plastics " FRP " or " GRP " , it is a kind of fibre glass increases plastic, by content of fibre glass felt, fibre glass and synthetic resin (be like polyester colophony, epoxy resin) compound and those who become is metalloid material, apply on the passenger car most is to contain polyester resinous glass reinforced plastics. Glass reinforced plastics the technological process that make is as follows:
On matrix → of agent of the drawing of patterns that brush besmear is in layer of colophony of matrix upper berth (the gel coat with 0.5 ~ thick 1.0mm) after layer of → gel coat hardens, in Tu Shu of → of cloth of glass of ground floor of matrix upper berth fat and colophony of vitreous cloth → are in solidify → begins to take out glass reinforced plastics when glass reinforced plastics shapes.
2 glass reinforced plastics stick receive technology
Because of polyester colophony and the diversity of the working procedure that make, undertaking sticking receiving mixing to its sealed when must have wider craft range. Stick receive glass reinforced plastics the most commonly used adhesive is polyurethane glue and silica gel commonly, these are gooey receive glass reinforced plastics hind, form elastomer, with glass reinforced plastics stick receive firm, on the safe side.
(1) ageing treatment. The glass reinforced plastics that just took out from inside matrix cannot use at sticking on the horse receive and sealed, must want to pass ageing treatment, so that eliminate is in,make glass reinforced plastics when did not react complete a few material, the material that if monomer styrene and other are easy,volatilizes. Additional, ageing treatment still conduces to glass reinforced plastics release and eliminate of internal stress. The ageing treatment that says here is to point to glass reinforced plastics in 23 Celsius, relative humidity the condition of 50% falls, place at least two weeks of above. It is before ageing treatment, still answer glass reinforced plastics in 60 Celsius ~ 4 ~ heat 6 hours below the condition of 80 Celsius.
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