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Adhesive starts a car to assemble revolution
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The rapid development of adhesive technology can let us design the car with smaller system of dispatch a vehicle, and also can let us use thinner board. A few new platform had begun to use this kind of novel method, expectation can achieve more extensive earnings very quickly.
Technology of Ford body structure is in charge of ShawnMorgans to say, ford (Ford) company is fought through be being used in automobile body upside hit fast construction rubber 2008 Ford Fox (the weight of FordFocus) model reduced 3.7 pounds. Morgans says, "We reduced solder point, next is the use amount that should reduce rolled steel mainly. Next is the use amount that should reduce rolled steel mainly..
General motors company (the engineers of GeneralMotors) also are increasing in with a view to use new-style and puissant gum.
Data of general motors company and MarkVerbrugge of processing lab director say: "Use extensively fight collide strengthen model adhesive, and need not the other and similar pattern such as friction welding of riveting, hot join, agitate can have profit very much, can reduce weight so. If rivet or what must you use finally,other thing makes sure automobile body is well-set if installation is together, the installation tightening solid in the factory also is met debatable. What you need truly is a kind of felt that can be secured immediately and assembles
Be united in wedlock. Be united in wedlock..
New-style car will use the firm of American general motors that is mark development with Epsilon and Delta respectively in Europe and Asia of new development fight hit adhesive. New-style Ou Bao (Opels) car predicts to also will use this kind of advanced adhesive system.
Be in Europe, car manufacturer must discharge the carbon dioxide of all passenger cars before 2012 reducing 120g/km the following; to use structural adhesive on automobile body is Europe's very banner technology. For instance, prevent bump into stability adhesive solicit comments to be in by new Meisaidesi (Mercedes) and BMW (BMW) model place is used.
The felt on the car is united in wedlock, include to be vitreous felt on flange pattern plate, had had long history. 25% what the weight of automobile body takes whole car, it is the main goal that reduces car weight. Till the last few years, the high strenth adhesive that is used on plane and other application just applies to car automobile body, when because of the adhesive previously experience collides, pass fragile brittle, fall in inferior temperature especially. Changed those who combat impact strength is double rank systematic development brought technical breakthrough for adhesive. In be called the chemistry in adding pliable but strong to enhance a process in coordination to react meeting generation enhances grain and flexibilizer. Enhance grain to be able to reduce disintegrate and can draw energy. Before adhesive solidify, these soft grain that have volume of rice of a few accept only are distributinged to be in whole matrix structure by even ground.
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