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Fibre glass grille transforms medium application in cement Concrete Pavement
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1. Overview
Cement Concrete Pavement has strength tall, the carriage that can get used to dense of burden, high speed asks to wait for a characteristic, apply on domestic town road, highway wider. Cement Concrete Pavement suffers the effect of the element such as load of drive a vehicle, environment, can happen rupture, the attaint of the form such as wrong stage, affect the comfortable sex of drive a vehicle and security badly. Face of cover of the bitumen that add a store is a kind of significant step that can improve its performance characteristics, but the influence that waits for an element as a result of drive a vehicle and air temperature, lay up is added in bitumen in appear easily reflection is interstitial, cause its loss of life. Domestic and international prevention and cure reflexes interstitial research to make clear, the grille that add a store can rise to reduce thickness of thin bitumen layer, reduce the reflection effect of break of old road surface, extend the action such as the service life that adds lay up thereby.
Go up century 80 time, what British NETLON company begins to study plastic grille is service function, popularize application stage by stage. This kind of grille has two kinds of functions: It is the strength that increases bitumen structure layer, have the capacity that reachs tension stress for a long time; 2 it is to make stress distributings more even, the Xu that reduces bitumen structure layer changes action, achieve the goal that prevents craze of bitumen road surface finally.
Beijing highway bureau designed an academy to combine Concrete Pavement of cement of the 8 highway that amount to mountain to heavy repair 1992, use gauze to add build of structure of muscle bitumen compound 500m experiments paragraph, via examining, use effect is better. Institute of road of institute of Harbin construction project put forward 1993 " plastic reseau is in flexible the application in project of road surface construction " research report, to room inside and outside the experiment undertook detailed ground is elaborated, offerred corresponding construction technology. Changsha traffic institute also had indoor research to plastic grille, put forward " earthy labor grille fights the rut, test that refuses craze function to consider to bitumen road surface " research report. Beijing municipal designing institute to Canada limited company produces Beimiersi had indoor test from reseau of put more energy into of road surface of bitumen sticking type, obtained favorable result.
2. Bitumen adds lay up break to produce case study
Shop bitumen layer is being added on old cement Concrete Pavement is a kind of special road surface structure, character of its stress meet an emergency and system of state of general and stretch layer have bigger difference.
(The 1) existence as a result of juncture, break, old cement Concrete Pavement is reduced as the integral intensity of basic level, and below outer strength effect, bitumen adds lay up to be in three-dimensional stress condition. When car adopts discontinuous board system, because of juncture, break adjacent of two side photograph board piece generation is perpendicular to reflection interstitial displacement is differred, bitumen adds lay up to appear in corresponding position bigger cutting stress, this kind cuts stress is the main reason that bitumen adds lay up to produce reflection break. Call load reflex break this kind of break normally.
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