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Epoxy resin composite material----Beforehand the preparation that dip expects
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Composite material basically uses high-powered annulus oxygen one-way beforehand dip makings, namely fiber basically is classics to arrange, broadwise fiber has 0 ~ only 10% , usable also fabric beforehand dip makings. Beforehand dip makings has commodity to supply in abroad, be in normally - 18 ℃ remain after deduction is put.
1, main demand
Beforehand the quality that the quality that dip expects matters to composite material component directly, to its accordingly quality has firm demand.
(1) beforehand the function that dip expects must be accorded with shape the requirement of craft, if get together beforehand function of the time of degree, gel, sex that spread Fu, solidify.
(2) deposits the resinous in the process to pour out of should satisfy craft quantity, stickiness, reparability to handle a demand.
(Deviation of 3) colophony content is ± 2% , volatile content <2% .
2, preparation method
Annulus oxygen is one-way beforehand the preparation method that dip expects basically is divided for intermittent law (roller canister winds the way that discharge a shop) with continuous method (array type discharges shop law continuously) two kinds. Can divide again for wet (solution dipping process) with dry method (glue membrane method) two kinds. Roller canister twines the law that discharge a shop to use wet craft; Array type discharges shop law continuously gradually by wet develop to dry method.
Roller canister winds the way that discharge a shop simpler. Fiber from gauze group derivative, pass glue chamfer impregnation, go through squeezing rubber roll redundant glue fluid, fall in constant tension by send gauze implement arrange impregnation fiber trimly in stick the roller canister that has segregation film to go up, generatrix of canister of final edge roller is cut off spread out, become one-way staple namely beforehand dip makings. This law equipment is simpler, the operation is convenient, but beforehand dip makings length has restriction () of circumference of the canister that it is roller, manufacturing efficiency is low, apply to small lot production and lab development to use.
Wet the technological process that array type discharges shop law continuously has special schematic drawing. A certain quantity of fiber is worn from gauze derivative, after through warping parallel orderly platoon is spread, enter glue chamfer impregnation continuously at the same time, keep apart paper via squeezing glue, drying, mat to spread again (or film) with squeezing ramming hind, can close roll. Should control the aperture between viscosity of fluid of environmental temperature, glue, roller and fiber advancement strictly temperature of speed, drying is seasonable, in order to assure beforehand the quality that dip expects. A certain quantity of fiber is worn from gauze derivative, after via warping parallel orderly platoon is spread, place between dry glue film, in making through heating up roller to squash fiber dip embeds film of Yu Shu fat, paper of the segregation that add a store (sometimes former glue film with segregation paper) squeezing ramming, can close roll. This law is producible the amount that contain gum is small beforehand dip makings. The colophony in the product distributings even, hole rate is low, product quality is good. The quantity that contain gum and glue film ply, clearance that press roller and temperature are concerned. This standard is higher to the craft requirement of colophony system. The due and admirable sex that become film, glue film is due and measurable flexible and stickiness, longer store life.
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