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Adhesive of oxygen of annulus of cold curing heat-resisting 4
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4, other type epoxy resin
The synthesis such as Pang Jinxing goes out with epoxy resin of modified of colophony of baric phenolic aldehyde, fourth nitrile - 40, polyvinyl alcohol shrinks the constituent is armour such as fourth aldehyde, compound and multivariate the new-style adhesive that amine solidify agent is second constituent, in normal temperature, contact pressure falls can solidify, have taller stick receive intensity and heat-resisting performance, wait at spare parts of material of heat resistant material, attrition, metal, multi-layer packaging material applicably stick receive. The adhesive of HT2160 annulus oxygen of the development such as Liu Peng introduces phenolic aldehyde epoxy resin and fat link a group of things with common features epoxy resin answer match, be made up for main body with system of solidify of phenolic aldehyde amine and become, this kind of product is 16.4MPa in the shear strength after 24h of the solidify below room temperature, can work for a long time below 160 ℃ .
SasidharanAchary choose what carboxyl seals end to get together third 2 acerbity ester are opposite 2 mellow oneself epoxy resin undertakes modified, and with 2, 4, 6- 3 (2 armour are amino and methylic) phenol regards solidify as the agent, synthesis gives the annulus oxygen adhesive of cold curing, its use temperature to be able to amount to 120 ℃ . Hoffman uses epoxy resin of acrylic ester modified through dispersive and aggregate means, the adhesive that makes can issue solidify in room temperature, have below high temperature higher shear strength and come off intensity. Glue of the EP-33 of MasterBond company cold curing, working temperature is - 232 ℃ of 55 ~ . Can use at sticking to receive metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, lumber, plastic etc. Devcon company produces contain ferrule oxygen colophony to repair glue to be able to issue solidify in room temperature, short-term heat-resisting can amount to 300 ℃ , but because cost is higher and restricted its to use range.
3, epilogue
Although the research of adhesive of oxygen of annulus of cold curing heat-resisting already gained certain headway, but also existing a few problems. Main show is in: Heat the adhesive of heat-resisting annulus oxygen of solidify is compared, its are high temperature resistant performance is poorer, main show is reached in the shear strength below high temperature come off intensity is inferior, highest use temperature is lower. Be aimed at the problem that in studying at present, exists, prospective research basically has the following sides mainly:
1, raise epoxy resin further be able to bear or endure lukewarm function, specific means includes to use high temperature resistant colophony modified epoxy resin, synthesis is new-style heat-resisting epoxy resin.
2, synthesis is new-style but the heat-resisting solidify agent of cold curing, or mix through modified answer the cold curing system with the better performance of methodological development heat-resisting that match, and the solidify accelerant that preparation suits this system, in order to raise the solidify rate of annulus oxygen adhesive.
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