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S-2 Bo fine enhances colophony radical composite material plays the experiment r
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Defend as armor rapid development of the technology, world each developed country is in those who devote oneself to to raise armor-piercing projectile of exuviate of type of large requirements lever to wear armour might. From theoretic analysis, wear one of elements of armour might as the influence, play the weight that hold in the palm to belong to inactive weight, because this reduces its,quality is an important way. Play the application that holds material in the palm and research to should attach most importance to a dot with pledging gently, choose as far as possible taller than intensity, the stuff with good tenacity. As a result of colophony base composite material density is small, have very high mechanical strength, material origin is wide, manufacturing technology is feasible, because this is,play the good stuff that hold in the palm.

1 experiment part

1.1 material
The experiment uses S-2 Bo fine to enhance colophony radical composite material, if its function is expressed 1.1.

Express fine of Bo of 1.1   S-2 to enhance colophony radical composite material function
Tab.1.1   PropertiesofS-2glassfibrereinforcedcomposites

Serial number examines part of experiment of project FC-008 material is directional fiber weak point cuts fiber 1 density / G. Cm- 31.851.7 ~ of 1.7 ~ 1.85GB463-882 flexural strength / MPa1400700GB1499-833 curves a model to measure / GPa4025GB1499-834 impact strength / KJ. M- 2800400GB1043-795 tensile strength / MPa1000/GB1447-836 reduces intensity / heat-resisting of Martin of MPa   250GB1448-837 / ℃   > 280GB1035-708 bibulous rate %   ≤ 0. 1GB1462-889 computation shrinkage %   ≤ 0. 1GB1404-8610 volatile content 4 ~ of %   7GB6065-85
1.2 composite material are played hold in the palm shape craft
Composite material is played hold in the palm use mould pressing to shape craft suppress, dominate mould pressing pressure, temperature and time strictly. Its shape technological process is shown 1.1 times like the graph.

Graph 1.1 composite material are played hold in the palm shape technological process graph
Fig.1.1   Processingflowchartofcompositesabot

1.3 experiments use main facility and instrument
25mm slippery chamber prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan (long artillery piece) ;
Cinematograph of NAC16HD high speed;
Manage illumination camera;
HJ202 measures fast appearance;
Measure pressure implement (cupreous column law) .
1.4 bullets structure
Play hold combination in the palm, machining achieves dimension requirement. Coating of the high temperature on face besmear is expressed outside gland, stoving solidify, ordinal mount is played hold in the palm, play belt, gland and empennage. Bullet structure is shown 1.2 times like the graph.
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