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Marine glass reinforced plastics / the bubble core material in structure of comp
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The use of material of 5 bubble core
The preparation of material. Foam must be saved below dry environment, meet those who affect its and face plate stick otherwise receive. In the meantime, should give to PMI bubble special attention, be in because of PMI bubble bibulous hind, hot creep function can drop. The dirt on bubble should use a vacuum to suck except, or with compress air to blow except, but want to remember, ten million cannot use water or other liquids are rinsed. In the starting a hole that rinsed result can make dirt enters bubble surface only. Certain and intense dissolvent for example the foam that acetone returns possible degradation surface, those who reduce core material and face plate stick receive strength. Clean and clean bubble surface and face plate are stuck after receiving, general its are stuck receive intensity to won't give what issue.

FRP bubble interlining board make. Bubble applies to all FRP to shape almost the craft that make. Of structure of composite material interlining basically shape craft has a hand to paper / eject shapes, vacuum bag / inject shapes reach beforehand dip expects / autoclave shapes etc. Paper in the hand / in eject craft, between core material and face plate stick it is very important to receive. General and common shipping bubble interlining board is ordinal by gel coat layer, the short layer that cut felt, outside lay up of face plate FRP, bubble core material and inside lay up of face plate FRP. What must notice is need to add on one to be stuck particularly between face plate of inside and outside and bubble receive grass-roots unit, stick material of bubble and face plate receive. Material is CBA(CoreBondAdhesive, for example Divilette, corebond, baltekbond) wait or rich resinous 2CSM is short cut felt. The smallest ply of CSM is 225g/m2, colophony and fibrous weight are compared for 3 ∶ 1 the left and right sides. Besmear in bubble surface after CSM soak colophony the colophony with Fu and layer identical plywood, with starting a hole of fill bubble surface, next in embedded CSM. The process of CSM of embedded of bubble core material or CBA can use vacuum bag to assist even pressurization.
In the craft of use vacuum bag, if bubble core material is minute of case board that has cut, it is after pressurization, even ground presses bubble to stick in receiving grass-roots unit, colophony or CBA fill bubble cut. The process of technology of most vacuum bag is: Closely question bumps into a? of ∩ of  of act of astounded of beach of Yi of have illicit relations with to add bubble to stick first receive grass-roots unit, again laid bubble interlining, use vacuum bag to press bubble next stick in receiving grass-roots unit. Should use vacuum when complementary furtherance craft, need to be above bubble enclothe to come off layer, come off be to breathe freely outside the layer felt, breathe freely of felt outside just be vacuum bag film. Come off the layer often uses a thin nylon film, and breathe freely the action of felt is to make vacuum pressure can be applied equably press in foamy surface.
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