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The characteristic of bracket of cable of composite material of SMC glass reinfo
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1) intensity light, weight has tall, weight only the 1 / of steel 4, the 1 / that concrete is in charge of 10 the left and right sides, carry convenient, construction forthright.
2 products surface is slick coefficient of friction is small, do not injure cable.
3) product whole is isolated from, corrode without report, can prevent to generate vortex flow.
3) be able to bear or endure ability in swimming is good, can use for a long time in moisture or water,
4) heat-resisting, cold-resistant. Fire prevention function actors or actress, it can be in - 50 ℃---Use below 130 ℃ ,
5) anticorrosion, not rusty, service life is long, the advantage such as maintenance-free.
6) the material of this bracket did not reclaim use value, can put an end to those who steal a phenomenon to happen.
7) bracket insulation property is good, itself need not ground connection, can reduce installation labor workload, steely bracket requires all ground contact, installation labor workload is big.
Bracket of cable of composite material of SMC glass reinforced plastics can apply extensively at well of work of tube bank of channel of cable channel, cable, cable and cable of half power cable inside, control cable and telecommunication cable lay. SMC composite material is sex of a kind of hot solid hot composite material, SMC(English full name is SheetMouldCompound) is a kind when by colophony burnt macerate fibre glass makes a record pattern is plastic, it has strength tall, weight the characteristic such as insulation of light, anti-corrosive, report, and function design is spent freely big, machine convenient advantage, it is one of composite material with global the widest application, these advantages just satisfy the technical requirement of cable bracket. It is the good material that produces cable support, the cable support that uses SMC composite material to make has strength tall, tenacity good, anti-corrosive, insulation property the good point that service life of good, not easy ageing grows tall, anti-flammability, bracket of composite material cable has good market application prospect.

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