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Marine glass reinforced plastics / the bubble core material in structure of comp
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The history of material of core of 1 structure bubble reviews
Glass reinforced plastics / the commonly used bubble core material in composite material FRP/CM has nitrile of PUR of PS of polyvinyl chloride PVC, polystyrene, polyurethane, propylene - styrene SAN, get together ether acyl inferior amine PEI and get together methylic propylene acyl inferior the bubble such as amine PMI, among them PS and PUR bubble regard buoyancy as material only normally, is not structural utility. At present PVC bubble replaces PUR bubble almost completely already and regard structural core as material, just be in the structure with a few epispastic spots except. Tell on firm sense, the 1st kind is used in bear the weight of the PVC bubble that the material of structural bubble core in structure of component part interlining is modified of ester of use different cyanic acid, or call cross-linking PVC. The 1st interlining structure that uses PVC bubble to place core is railroad car of heat preservation heat insolation. In 20 centuries by German Lin Deman 30 time later period invents the manufacturing technology of cross-linking PVC. 2 times France includes a war compensation this technology after big fight in, by Kelebeier KleberRenolit of especially plastic company begins Lei Luolei bubble of PVC of unripe Klegecell cross-linking, basically be a few low density products that are used in railroad car of heat preservation heat insolation. 20 centuries 60 time of 50 ~ , the gram straps thunder of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of shellfish Er bud especially plastic company gave company of a few Europe to extend PVC foamy produces licence. Company of additionally 2 United States, strange B.FGoodrich of thunder of B.F song heart is mixed beautiful person is stridden power Johns-Manville also bought licence to begin production, but after a few years with respect to stop production. After when all production licence expires, the manufacturing process of cross-linking PVC turns to make public. Enter 20 centuries after 70 time, the manufacturer that most and original Europe license produces also already stop production. The bubble of Herex series PVC of company of Ke Si Airex of the Divinycell that at present 2 main manufacturer homes are company of the Diab that wear rich and Ji Airui of bubble of Klegecell series PVC. 20 centuries 40 time later period, lin Deman uses high-pressured gas to serve as foaming agent, make a PVC foam that did not pass modified, also call linear PVC bubble. England made polystyrene expanded plastics above all 1943, limited company of American path chemistry was used 1944 squeeze a law big batch to produce polystyrene expanded plastics. During the Second World War, the reaction that Germany does obeisance to the experiment personnel of Er to reach hydroxyl compound to ester of 2 different cyanic acid undertakes study, made PUR horniness expanded plastics, coating and adhesive. 1952, the company that do obeisance to Er reported the research positive result of expanded plastics of soft qualitative polyurethane. 1993, ATC company of Canada begins to produce SAN foam. Its workmanship and linear PVC are similar. PMI bubble is by Germany company of collect Mu Rohm used amine of acyl of propylene nitrile, methylic propylene nitrile, propylene and methylic acrylic acid above all 1966 ester is thermoplastic colophony allots bubble in 180 ℃ and cross-linking is made get together methylic propylene acyl inferior amine foamy technology, the seeper chemistry company that follows Japan used radiation cross-linking method to make 1967 get together methylic propylene acyl inferior amine bubble.
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