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Marine glass reinforced plastics / the bubble core material in structure of comp
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PS bubble. Ever used extensively in shipping, surfboard to make a trade. Although its have quality light 40kg/m3, cost is low, easily the main good point such as machining, but differ because of mechanical function, use in component part of high-powered shipping construction rarely. Additional, this kind of bubble cannot be used at the same time with polyester colophony, because some benzene are contained in colophony,meet degradation bubble. PUR bubble. Compare with other bubble photograph, its are mechanical performance is average, colophony / ageing of easy generation of core material interface, bring about face plate to come off thereby.
When be being used as structural material, the core material of the material of vertical, crossyard of the commonly used plywood that make a layer or reinforcement. Sometimes PUR bubble also can be used at sufferring the interlining with lesser load board in, have heat insolation or soundproof effect. Use temperature of this kinds of foamy is 150 ℃ left and right sides, sound absorption performance is good, its figuration is very simple, but in machining process brittle or drop broken bits. PUR bubble price is relatively cheap, epispastic craft is simpler also, use a liquid epispastic, domestic abroad has numerous manufacturer. SAN bubble. It is belonged to thermoplastic material, the Corecell foam that produces like Canadian ATC company, be aimed at shipping market and basically develop. The technology of the epispastic craft that make and linear PVC is basic and same. Function also is mixed linear PVC is basic and identical, thermal stability can be better than linear PVC, be equivalent to common cross-linking PVC. Below most circumstance, linear PVC bubble can be replaced with SAN bubble in shipping structure.
PEI bubble. By get together ether acyl inferior amine / get together ether sulphone is epispastic and into, have very high use temperature and good fire prevention performance, its price is opposite nevertheless taller. But this kind of bubble can be in the place that holds structural demand and fire prevention requirement concurrently is used, its use temperature to be - 180 ℃ of 194 ℃ ~ . Because can satisfy strict fire prevention flame retardant requirement, suit to be used inside plane and train. There is the PEI bubble of the AirexR82 of Airex company on the market at present.
PMI bubble. Below the condition of identical density, PMI is the foam with intensity and highest stiffness. Creep function is able to bear or endure to make below its high temperature this bubble can the colophony of solidify of applicable high temperature and beforehand dip makings. After PMI bubble is handled via proper high temperature, the solidify technology that can satisfy 190 ℃ is right the requirement of bubble dimension stability, apply to annulus oxygen or BMI colophony in all in the interlining construction component part of solidify. PMI bubble uses solid body epispastic craft is made, agree basically for hole, even 100% shut
Aperture bubble. The PMI bubble of the FORMAC of the ROHACELL that there is German heart solid to surpass Degussa company to produce on the market at present and production of company of Japanese seeper chemistry.
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