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Adhesive of oxygen of annulus of cold curing heat-resisting 3
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3, epoxy resin of organic silicon modified
Zhang Xugang use epoxy resin of modified of boracic colophony of upright hydroxyl silicon and modified agent of solidify of adipose amine heat-resisting, synthesize those who give solidify of room temperature 24h to have relatively the heat-resisting adhesive of high strenth, use temperature for a long time to be 200 ℃ , short-term use temperature amounts to 250 ℃ , have to a variety of material stick goodly receive performance. La Ligong E-44 that uses organic silicon modified epoxy resin is main raw material, the agent of modified amine solidify that deserves to issue solidify with self-restrained room temperature and active and inorganic filling and balata of fourth nitrile of upright hydroxyl liquid (HTBN) make flexible be able to bear or endure lukewarm adhesive. This adhesive is had good flexural strength and come off intensity, have certain heat-resisting property, can be below the environment of 150 ℃ of 100 ~ use.
Peng Ronghua with E-42 of epoxy resin of organic silicone modified, introduce polyvinyl alcohol to shrink in the system fourth aldehyde, made room temperature shear strength amount to 18MPa can above, long-term below 150 ℃ use, and can stick the rubber of annulus oxygen construction that receives a variety of data. Long Gu Chuan use Xi propyl epoxy resin to get together with Duan Qing the epoxy resin of new-style silicon modified that reaction synthesized alkyl of oxygen of 2 methylic silicon to contain unit of construction of catenary of silicon oxygen alkyl (ESDGs) . ESDGs can mix with industrial epoxy resin with all sorts of scale, the colophony after mixing can undertake solidify with 2 amine of 3 Gan Chun. The tenacity with show condensate has better as a result, hear resistance and stick receive a gender, ESDGs quality mark is 10% when can make condensate tenacity increases 40% and do not reduce hear resistance, come off intensity gets rising apparently at the same time.
Abroad, chin-LunsChiang with 4 second with double phenolic A alkyl of oxygen radical silicon passes solution one gel process, synthesize a kind organic - inorganic mixture. Solution, a successfully silicon and phosphor and network of annulus oxygen cross-linking combine gel magic art together, make initiative weightlessness temperature reduces the epoxy resin system after modified thereby, raise its to be able to bear or endure gentle flame retardation.

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