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Colophony radical fiber enhances meet an emergency of answer material freeboard
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4, the design of sample annulus and preparation
The dimension design that the internal diameter of sample of aluminium alloy of the LY-12cz in this experiment, Gao Hehou spends is, 50.8 × of Φ 5 × 1.0(mm) , the dimension design of small ring of composite material experiment is colophony radical: 50.8 × of Φ 6 × 1.8(mm) . Graph the 3 colophony that finish for preparation base annulus of composite material experiment, the assembly of sample annulus and core annulus sees a picture 4.

Colophony radical one of keys that the preparation of annulus of composite material experiment is an experiment. To metallic experiment small ring, OK and immediate mechanical and accurate treatment is finished. To colophony base annulus of composite material sample must special preparation, machine a likely pattern above all, use large twister to make appearance of composite material bucket next and solidify, final treatment becomes the experiment small ring of the requirement. Requirement of preparation bucket appearance wants to maintain even mechanical pulling force in twining a process, 2 should make fiber not across is twined, fasciculus parallel is arranged cheek by jowl at mould end panel. Because mechanical cut gives sample brought loss,decrease for utmost, after fiber solidify is stable, undertake accurate mechanical burnish, make experiment annulus maintains ply on radial even.

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