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Colophony radical fiber enhances meet an emergency of answer material freeboard
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Expand to establish a test the athletic equation of sample annulus, expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin assumes: Sample annulus expands the one dimension that motion curve considers as axial symmetry moves, all particle on the annulus when sample annulus expands all move along radial R direction; Zhouxiang of side of paper-thin inside and outside gets experiment ring force is consistent, cross section internal stress distributings even; Oversight detonation wave spreads the concussion effect of initial stage of person small ring; When thinking to expand in small ring freedom, r=0 of radial stress б . The expert undertook seeking testimony from this.
3, expand annulus motion equation
In should assume, its suffer force to if the graph is shown 2 times,be analysed, athletic equation sees (1) type: Among them: ρ 0. , sample annulus density; Z, height of sample annulus axial; γ R, speed of motion of sample annulus radial.
By (1) type is arranged, and high-ranking and boundless particle gets expunction: After small sample annulus severs core link, sample annulus does freedom to expand motion, right now б R=0, have: Sample annulus week is to meet an emergency:
Expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin expresses, by (3)(4)(5) type is knowable, want to know the motion curve R=r(t) that sample annulus radial expands freely only, can get corresponding stress б θ , θ of ε of meet an emergency and meet an emergency lead & .

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