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Marine glass reinforced plastics / the bubble core material in structure of comp
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Expressing 1 medium structure to construct is the lay up design in common FRP shipping. Can see, below the circumstance of flexural rigidity close, the weight of interlining structure is very more than be not interlining structure to reduce.

The advantage of bubble interlining structure still has: Carboxyl of personal Mei mother group the sell that appear Zi reads Peng ⒖ to hook Song of awake Liang Hu to read Ji of ぜ of Xiang basketry ┕ to threshold the predestined relationship takes T to brag because core material is hole material,coerce Jing Mao blames? , the coefficient of thermal conductivity of whole interlining structure and R value all compare blame interlining structure low. Because the number of plies of layer plywood decreases, reduced lay up to make shaping workload, the stiffness because of interlining structure is taller at the same time, decreased to increase the amount of muscle, this is helpful for those who pound load diffusing. In addition, hole core material still can reduce the noise in shipping voyage.
The function of material of 3 bubble core and application
To core material, besides cut a pattern beyond quantity and intensity, still need to consider the other property characteristic of material. Compress intensity and bear the function of local load is relevant, when this kind of local load includes the falling of the tool, tug and condole ship by the local load that pulls the generation such as the column, picket that carry thick rope and rings. Graph 3 with the graph 4 showed capable person of different bubble core cut modular quantity and shear strength, graph the 5 compression that are material of core of a few kinds of common bubble intensity. Because foam is hole plastic, still need a basis to design the temperature requirement of interlining component, consult foamy heat is out of shape temperature will select proper bubble core capable person. Common foamy is hot be out of shape temperature refers to a graph 6.

Cross-linking PVC bubble. This kind of bubble is by thermoplastic PVC and cross-linking heat solid sex polyurethane is comprised, normally bubble of abbreviation cross-linking PVC, its are main product model is Divinycell, Klegecell and HerexC. What the intensity of cross-linking PVC and stiffness compare linear PVC is tall, but tenacity wants difference. Cross-linking PVC foamy heats up stable temperature to be 120 ℃ . Be in so and annulus oxygen beforehand when dip makings is used jointly, the hot creep property that needs to notice PVC. Use temperature limits is - 80 ℃ of 240 ℃ ~ , and can be able to bear or endure a variety of chemical material are corroded. Although PVC bubble is to be able to burn material, but flame retardant model in the structure that PVC bubble can use at strict fire prevention asks, for example train railroad car. But those who need an attention is PVC after burning, can produce HCl. PVC bubble is able to bear or endure benzene, can use jointly with polyester colophony so. PVC bubble basically is used in a few technology that do not need pressure canister. When choosing solidify technique, when Lv reachs PVC bubble to lift in temperature, should meet release gas, need to notice when using RTM technology. Cross-linking PVC bubble is used in ministry of bilge, shipboard, board, bulkhead and superstructure normally. Main firm has Airex and Diab company, the type that has a variety of differring and density can offer an alternative.
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