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Colophony radical fiber enhances meet an emergency of answer material freeboard
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In aerospace and domain of war industry research, a lot of material and structure are in high speed metabolic of concussion, instant makes battle condition issues application, material leads the wallop below to learn function in tall meet an emergency is research of war industry and aviation material, component and design necessary technical base data. Enhance composite material to reach a large number of application on aviation in war industry as light qualitative efficient fiber, the fiber that to meet an emergency rate Gao Min feels enhances composite material mechanical answer, especially the research of the drawing character below rate of freeboard meet an emergency times suffer take seriously. Through expanding to exploding technology of free annulus drawing optimizes a design, use strain piece report measures a technology, the pounds drawing function test that made buildup composite material to be led in freeboard meet an emergency in the light of fiber fall studies.

One, foreword
In aerospace and domain of war industry research, the technology of experiment of drawing of detached type Hopkinson and device of drawing of type of its metabolic dial drawing test that all can achieve meet an emergency of 102 ~ 103/s to lead next fiber to enhance composite material, defend to armor, the drawing of the composite material below the rate of is more than 103/s freeboard meet an emergency that the place such as the technology that play an arrow asks is characteristic, technology of drawing of detached type HoDkinson is accomplished hard. Be in abroad, explosive freedom expands annulus drawing technology is the experiment below rate of freeboard meet an emergency by more adoption method. Explosive freedom expands annulus law since from 20 centuries 60 time appear, improve what pass scholar and researcher for many times, its check rate of meet an emergency to rise ceaselessly, losAlomos country lab is used improve device to make rate of experiment meet an emergency achieves 105/s, a lot of material use explosive freedom to expand the experiment research that annulus drawing technology realized to lead next drawing character in freeboard meet an emergency.

2, explosion expands drawing experiment fundamental
Explosion expands the experimental principle of annulus freedom drawing sees sketch map 1. Core of edge of wave of the stress after central ram is detonated is passed outside annulus radial, pass to when stress wave be measured when face of appearance of material small ring, radial of will inward edge reflexes carrier wave of discharge of a drawing. Because core annulus and experiment are small the material of annulus is different, their acoustical impedance and quality are different () of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College of acoustic resistance of small ring of check of impedance of sound of general core annulus having a competition, experiment small ring breaks away from core annulus to enter freedom to expand condition. Experiment annulus bilges outside radial in the process, decrease because of sufferring tie of Zhou Xiangla stress to will be done move quickly. Expand via measuring an analysis of annulus decrease acceleration to be one constant basically.
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