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Adhesive of oxygen of annulus of cold curing heat-resisting 2
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2, tall functionality epoxy resin
Because contain hear resistance framework to may raise the tall functionality of cross-linking density,epoxy resin has taller heat-resisting property, one of research heat that also are this domain to research of cold curing of this kind of epoxy resin so. Also obtained a lot of positive result in the research of this respect.
Zhao Shenglong collect A of double phenol of in order to kind annulus oxygen composition mixes annulus oxygen and tall functionality epoxy resin, adipose amine and balmy amine composition mix amine solidify agent and the way that add pliable but strong with macromolecule polyamide, developed but cold curing is able to bear or endure lukewarm the adhesive of 200 ℃ , have be able to bear or endure admirably medium sex and dielectric protecties. King of superior grade chooses the AG-80 epoxy resin of 4 luscious groups. Get together with CTBN and liquid sulfur balata (JLY-155) adds pliable but strong, developed cold curing heat-resisting rubber of construction of oxygen of 150 ℃ annulus, room temperature shear strength can amount to 23.6MPa, the shear strength below 150 ℃ still has 13.3MPa. The product of CIBAGEIGY company, MY720 of oxygen of CTBN modified annulus and ERL510 mix adhesive, room temperature (25 ℃ ) can use after solidify 6d. The shear strength when 25 ℃ and T- come off intensity is 22MPa and 890N/m respectively, 120 ℃ time is not 8.5MPa and 500N/m.
The complex adhesive such as Fu Zeren 3500, wait for the constituent that it is armour with a few kinds of 2 functionality and the epoxy resin of 3 functionality and coupling agent, inorganic filling, it is second constituent with Zun of amine of father's younger brother, Mi and other accelerant, glue of oxygen of this kind of annulus issues solidify 7 days in room temperature flexural strength can amount to 61.4MPa, Tg to amount to 145 ℃ .

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