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FRP composite materials industry interactive development of upstream and downs
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Recently, the China Glass Fiber Industry Association and China Association of unsaturated polyester resin industry said fourth glass market and technology 2010 China Development Forum cum FRP composites industry supply chain development and emerging market applications Interactive Forum will be held November 26 ~ 28, was held in Shandong, Texas. It is reported that in 2010 China's glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials industry in energy conservation and traditional energy development of new energy sources to create multi-functional lightweight high-strength glass fiber reinforced composite materials for its remarkable properties play a significant role. In urban water, marine carbon weight loss, boats marine tourism, marine corrosion and desalination, power metallurgy steel desulfurization, intellectual network power equipment, coal mining stone preservation and safety of mine, wind power, low-carbon vehicles, building energy conservation and areas of decoration, glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials are more and more widely used. Association official said, through the fiberglass and resin raw materials, innovation, and glass fiber reinforced composite materials into the most high-end manufacturing of wind power, 5 MW, 60 meters of glass steel blades with a high strength, high modulus, high resistance to fatigue and high-performance glass fiber resin composites and fully reflects the market for future products. Especially in Jiangsu and Shandong Dezhou Composites of glass steel industry in the market information, industry scale, low-carbon standardization forefront of the country, also emerged in these areas of Jiangsu Seagull, Yixing sets, Jiuding of new material, God, horses, Nanjing Sebel, Shandong double one, Greider, special strains of Pi, Texas Lianyang Composites Co., Ltd., South Africa, Hua Ji, Maple and so have the economies of scale and technological innovation capacity of FRP composite materials business.
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