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Composite material enters polymer accept rice high speed sends exhibition period
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The United States' famous growth seeks advice from a company to if benefit article released Sitesha recently,not global polymer accept rice report of composite material market, think accept rice composite material is the stuff that this century has perspective most. Although this kind of material is born up to now mere 20 old, commercialize utility to still be in development initial stage, but the significant breakthrough that achieving economy and technology to go up.
Accept rice particle is joined to be able to optimize its physics function, electric conduction and heat conduction function in plastic mother makings. At present basically particle of rice of 3 kinds of accept is used at synthesizing polymer accept rice composite material, it is respectively: Canal of rice of accept of accept rice clay, carbon and fiber of carbolic accept rice.
Composite material of accept rice clay
Composite material of clay of polymer accept rice is to point to serve as matrix with polymer, clay serves as dispersive photograph, the accept rice that uses the polymerization that interpose a layer, melt to insert the special technique preparation such as the layer composite material, uses clay basically is natural cover ground. Accept rice clay is used at general colophony modified commonly.
If benefit article company is in Sitesha,not say in the report, the sale of composite material of clay of global accept rice was 230 million dollar about 2006, crop is thirty-one thousand four hundred tons. Predict market dimensions will achieve 153 thousand tons 2013, year all increase rate is 25.3 % . The two application market with this kind of the biggest stuff is the car is mixed the industry that pack. Composite material of accept rice clay made an appointment with 35 % to be used in automobile industry 2006, about 38 % are used in the industry that pack.
In automobile industry, the component with applicable composite material includes accept rice instrument panel, rocker is covered, the foam on console of fanlight of lid of garnish, grille, car, instrument, seat, axle sleeve, perpendicular with horizontal pillar, plate washer, engine lid, fan is overspread etc. Car oil cylinder will make the new field that composite material of clay of prospective accept rice uses. Plastic because its are light qualitative, price is low the oil cylinder that reached the character with agile design to replace metallic stuff to be used at the car. Be in Europe, almost the oil cylinder of the light-duty car that 90 % control is by plastic do; Be in the United States, this scale is 77 % about; This Japanese scale is inferior, it is 26 % only. No matter be the demand of the consideration that stems from a supplier or user, reducing fuel leak is design tenet, and join this kind of material to be able to enhance its to cut off function prevents fuel leak.
The industry that pack also applies gradually went up composite material of accept rice clay, the gas that because it can rise,packs cuts off function. The composite material of accept rice clay that uses in the industry that pack at present basically regards polymer as matrix with nylon. Europe is 150 thousand tons every year about with the nylon at flexible package, the dosage that estimates the accept rice clay that is used at modified is 7000 tons about. In addition, european market is annual EVOH (ethylene - ethylene mellow copolymer, one kind tall cut off function packages data) wastage is 30 thousand tons about, this kind of material also hopeful is replaced by place of composite material of accept rice clay. Business of main production of composite material of accept rice clay has Basifu, do obeisance to company limited of ear and chemistry of gas of 3 water chestnut.
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