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Sinar Mas Group Co LtdShandong supply of quality glass
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Fiberglass (FRP) is also known as GRP, the fiber-reinforced plastic, generally refers to glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin matrix. Or products made of glass fiber reinforced plastic reinforcements, title for the glass fiber reinforced plastic, fiberglass or description. As the resin used in different varieties, it is polyester fiberglass, epoxy glass, steel, phenolic FRP said. Light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, recycling less resistant to corrosion. Can replace the steel manufacturing machinery parts and automotive, marine shell.
Recommended Enterprises: Sinar Mas Group Co., Ltd. Shandong

Sinar Mas Group is located in Shandong, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, a vibrant, new material is a dedicated and central air conditioning system design, development, manufacture, sale, installation and technical services in a modern high-tech enterprise park, financial technology, natural, cultural and ecological environment in a park, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. Sinar Mas Group was founded in September 1970, created the Texas city of two major military production base, covering 60 million square meters, total assets of 600 million yuan, more than 4,000 employees, achieved sales of 1.8 billion in 2008. Sinar Mas Group's two major production bases in the sharing of resources, a strong complementarity, not only has central air conditioning in the field of new materials and cutting edge technology in the world, with world-class production equipment and manufacturing methods, superb product quality and performance, but also reasonable product performance and low cost, high-quality customer service and support perfect protection, is the world's best central air-conditioning systems of new materials and service providers. Growing on the industry benchmark customer needs and expectations of the driving force behind the development of a gold forward, as the world's best central air-conditioning systems of new materials and service providers, in the possession of leading-edge technology we continue to introduce modern concepts of the product contains, in order to meet our customers growing demands.

Sinar Mas Group with a strong research and development and specialized manufacturing scale, and constantly changing based on market continued technological innovation and product innovation. Currently, products with more than twenty varieties of four series of production line are: water-cooled units, air units, water source heat pump units, fan coil, air conditioners, cooling towers, SMC water tank modular, molded products, organic, inorganic magnesium, magnesium, phenolic compound of the wind, and other ventilation ducts, fire magnesium good board, FRP Winding Pipe cans, cable bridge, highway guard rails and glare panels, air conditioning parts and valves, all kinds of fans, clean dust equipment, laboratory equipment, electrical control equipment, busbar, textile paper dust air conditioning and ventilation equipment, such as audio and steel barrier. Product variety, complete specifications and covers all types of products, is the industry's most complete varieties and models of international manufacturers. Whether it is technology, product range or industry consolidation, Sinar Mas Group paid off as the industry benchmark, unparalleled ethics group leader. Award of excellence since 2000, passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment 3C national mandatory product certification and ISO14001 environment system certification. With mechanical and electrical equipment installation secondary qualifications, with import and export rights. 9 consecutive years was named the provincial level, "the contract and keeping promises" enterprise in 2003, won the "Credible Enterprise", the same year won the "large-scale enterprises". May 2004 won the "China Building Materials hundred enterprises", "famous trademark enterprise", "Business exempt enterprises." Cengxianhoupi selected as "China Steel Industry Association, vice president of Glass" unit, "China Magnesite Industry Association Vice President" units, "China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association," and received national quality inspection center of the "Outstanding Enterprise Award" "The Ministry of Agriculture and Technology Achievement Award", "Fifth Asian and Pacific International Trade Fair Gold Medal", "advanced unit in the international standard adoption," "management model enterprise", "high-tech enterprise", "Pokka corporate integrity," " green products manufacturing enterprises ", the implementation of" Product Quality Law "advanced unit" fire products designated enterprise in Shandong Province "and other series of awards and honors. FRP cooling towers, fans, SMC water tank, inorganic glass, steel ventilation ducts four series products by the provincial certificate of exemption, fan coil air conditioning units passed the provincial appraisal, modified magnesium duct quality brand-name products at the provincial level by the National Inspection-free Product certificate. J-MPF aluminum foil duct fire green building materials by the State to use the logo certification, the State Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Independent Innovation Award by the China Association of noise insulation materials to absorb the member units. New cable tray and corrugated cable tray has been two national patents.

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