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Dozenth today UPR application special performance holds an annual meeting of tra
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Via Chinese oil and approval of chemical industry association, china is not saturated polyester colophony guild is dozenth annual meeting saved the Changchun City to hold in Jilin on October 9, 2008.
Growing assembly room of white hill hotel this morning, the expert that comes from industry of not saturated colophony holds special performance meeting in the applied limits of each industries with respect to its, main content includes:
1. Colophony of not saturated polyester is the application in auto industry in me
2. Manufacturing industry of shipping of glass reinforced plastics of developing our country
3. Our country glass reinforced plastics twines conduit to develop the current situation
4. UPR makes progress in the application of market of man-made stone, handicraft
5. High-powered UPR applies mediumly in marble glue
6. Composite material of our country FRP/ develops the current situation
My network reporter will undertake to the conference kinescope reports, relevant data will upload in succession to special subject column!

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