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Couplet of 5 water chestnut sends first phase project of base of Qingdao car com
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Northwardly market marchs
Recently, car of 5 water chestnut develops Liuzhou jointly limited company (abbreviation " couplet of 5 water chestnut is sent " ) 2007 year focal point invests a project -- first phase project of base of production of Qingdao car component builds go into operation formally, stepped the pace that northwardly market marchs.
Qingdao car component produces base to be located in inside development of Qingdao economy technology, the project plans cent period to undertake building: First phase adds office of workshop, life and public facilities newly; 2 period new add factory building. After project building, can form year of bridge yield a car, brake, front overhang to hang, dashboard, seat, frame, before floor, hind the miniature car component such as the floor 200 thousand productivity, contented go up steam is general the demand of branch of Qingdao of Inc. of car of 5 water chestnut and car of miniature of Shandong circumjacent area and light-duty car market, also send development market for couplet of 5 water chestnut at the same time, raise consequence to lay next solid foundations.

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