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Business still is enrolled to make industry of strong Bo fine mainly on enterpri
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Business still is enrolled to do the Bo fine business with entire more wholesale county of industry of strong Bo fine to already amounted to many 20 mainly on
Recently, always invest many yuan 1000 go up formal put into production of limited company of data of fine of Bo of You Hao day, the Bo fine spun yarn that this company will produce inside the county weaves fabric of fine of high density Bo, the product can be used at making an electron directly insulation board, brake piece, naval ships, predicting annual produce can amount to 30 million yuan. On still county around make industry of dominant of strong Bo fine, the key begins industrial catenary to enrol business, make catenary of Bo fine industry ceaseless upstream is outspread. Current, entire county production value crosses ten million yuan company of Bo fine deep treatment already had 4, the Bo fine business with entire more wholesale county amounts to many 20, perfect with each passing day to the whole industry catenary of Bo fine finished product from high grade silk, high-grade cloth.
Bo fine industry is to go up still traditional dominant industry of the county, already had 20 old development histories, the has dimensions relatively with complete province greatly most Bo fine product austral another name for Jiangxi Province still has been become to produce base on. In recent years, be in the downstream current situation in industrial catenary in the light of majority of enterprise of fine of the Bo inside the county, on still prefectural exert oneself begins industrial catenary to enrol business, with lengthen and making chain of industry of big Bo fine. This county established the Bo fine industry that takes the lead by the head of a county to develop leader panel, established major of industry of fine of a Bo to enrol business contingent, came on stage a series of Bo fine industry uses the ground, capital to wait for policy of the privilege that enrol business. In the meantime, the Bo fine company inside the county adds endowment enlarge actively also to produce develop to industrial deepness. Up to now, enterprise of fine of dimensions above Bo realizes this county this year total production value many yuan 5000, grow 13.93 % compared to the same period, predicting annual total production value can break through on 100 million yuan.

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