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Composite material is haing Bo carbon 7 tractor dry mass reduce the expression h
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Chinese Heilongjiang message, be in " god 7 " in the development process of airship, the carbon that academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics develops independently composite material structural member, the heart that is used in airship to boost a system changes course engine, oxidant store box, fuel store on the installation of the crucial equipment such as box.
According to introducing, from " god one " to " god 7 " have academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics carbon the form of composite material structural member. Compare with metallic photograph, this kind of material can be decreased for the tractor dry mass of airship weigh 30% above, maintained airship to be in thereby the space is intense the stability that reachs size of the structure below the temperature environment that change, be helpful for raising the precision that boosts a system.
Current, academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics advances cabin for what airship offers bear force structural member, it is the measure that uses domestic and internationally on manned airship the carbon fiber composite material with the the biggest, biggest mouth advocate bear force structural member.

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