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Dozenth annual meeting holds an industry of not saturated colophony now
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Oil of this China of net dispatch classics and chemical industry association are approved, by a definite date 2 days (9 days - 10 days) China is not saturated polyester colophony guild is dozenth an annual meeting the Changchun City is saved to hold in Jilin now.
This second conference summed up 2007 ~ trend of development of trends of market of resinous of domestic and international 2008 not saturated polyester, industry and technical progress. Discuss industry of colophony of not saturated polyester from much angle development the problem that faces in development and development trend, content involves the equipment such as process of choice of UPR raw material, production, safe environmental protection, product application to get the heat topic of attention. Market trends includes: Crude price reachs his the influence to UPR; UPR and different shape the consumptive general situation of methodological FRP; Face global economy to develop the strategy, the annex of UPR colophony industry recombines and develop; Chinese UPR imports and exports was measured 2007 etc. Technical side is right alcohol of biology radical chemical industry applied a technology to will have key introduction. And the conference still will invite report of domestic and international famous expert to make a speech, offer communication of technology of high administrative levels, information to communicate for everybody, the opportunity of seek collaboration, joint development.
More and detailed content and video material, please broad netizen and enterprise pay close attention to column of this net special subject to examine.

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