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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International will be held in Beiji
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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International will be in center of exhibition of Beijing China International at coming 15 days on November 12 (new house) hold. At the appointed time, will ginseng of enterprise of many 1000 main business that cross a state and component of domestic dimensions above is exhibited, many 3000 major that will have 60 many states purchases business to attend a meeting participate in purchase.
The only state level that exposition of component of China International car is approval of classics China government, internationally car component major is exhibited meeting, locate at facing form a complete set of global car component the market is mixed after service market, this year already is the 2nd, show an area 80 thousand smooth rice, limits of item on display covers equipment of car component, maintenance, change one's costume or dress car and service things, still will include own brand to multiply with car and commercial vehicle.
Electromechanical of Department of Commerce and Zhang Ji of vice director of department of estate of science and technology say, chinese auto industry passes development of more than 50 years, already became the 3rd old car of world to produce a country, the 2nd old new car consumes the market and the biggest potential market. 2007, the whole nation produces a car 8.883 million, grow 22.0% ; This year 1 to in August, the whole nation produces a car 6.549 million, grow 13.9% .
In the meantime, our country car and component commerce also are presenting rapid development in recent years. Chinese car and component exported 24.55 billion dollar 2007, grow 54.9% ; This year 1-8 month, chinese car and component export 21.23 billion dollar, grow 42.1% .
Meanwhile, zhang Ji also expresses, compare with photograph of world car powerful nation, gross of commerce of Chinese car product is very small still. Chinese car and component exit took world car trading business volume only 2007 1% the left and right sides, 2% what occupy countrywide foreign trade to export total, 3.5% what hold export of countrywide mechanical and electrical products, 7% what the car exports a quantity to hold output only. Big country of this and main car production if the 40% above of Japan, Germany and Korea car output are used at exporting photograph comparing, have very big difference, development potential is tremendous.
In addition, according to Introduction Zhang Ji, although our country auto industry already obtained rapid development, component company actual strength increases, numerous, but reveal for car component enterprise, communication, collaboration, trading platform builds opposite however lag, in the meantime, chinese component enterprise arrives attend the exhibition outside the condition to often also undergo imparity treatment, existence exhibition area is changed by brim of extruding, stall, item on display is closed down to wait for a problem by ill will, industry of serious already effect develops an international market.
Fall in such setting just about, hold fair of component of China International car, build level of such a state, be revealed internationally and trade platform, also have necessity and value more.
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