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FRP high overall efficiency chicken shed
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Common people are generally brick chicken sheds or plastic film, and plain County, Shandong Province on behalf of the king's mercy Township, Village Cuiyun Zhong Jia Kou is another way to fiberglass insulation board as the materials, built the first German city Fiberglass chicken shed. How much of this greenhouse cost, how effective? Recently, I made a special trip on behalf of Jia Kou village, rushed to find out. I arrived Cui Yunzhong the chicken shed, the outdoor temperature is minus four degrees, and his four small chicken shed where the fire alone, the temperature reached 35 degrees. Cui Yunzhong cheerfully told us: "The FRP Greenhouse advantage is cool, especially in the winter insulation effect. Another advantage is easy to disinfect, easy to disassemble. Breeding efficiency is greatly improved. " Cui Yunzhong 8 years has been engaged in farming, the former brick shed insulating effect is not only bad, but only the maintenance costs per year in 2000 yuan. After much pondering and go visit, in October last year, the money he invested 6,000 yuan Purchase of a glass, steel, built the city's first glass breeding shed. "Although the breeding shed to build a glass brick built shed than a few thousand dollars higher than the cost, but to use it more affordable." Cuiyun Zhong said, "my studio plus a stove, you can raise the temperature of 6 degrees to 8 degrees. Simple shed 6 tons of coal a month to burn, I burn the roof of 1 ton of coal by 10 days. In so doing, a glass of a greenhouse in winter down to save money can only coal-fired a 7,500 yuan. And because the indoor temperature high Broiler slaughter 5 to 7 days in advance, potentially more than making money. " According to Cui Yunzhong introduction, this shed is also very strong, the service life of 15 years, more than double the ordinary greenhouse. Usually the basic no maintenance, very cost-effective to use. Currently, Cui Yunzhong has decided to build two glass greenhouses, to expand their scale of farming. Meanwhile, he also intends to promote its own glass greenhouse, so that more farmers can benefit.
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