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New World Pipe: glass pipe industry standard-setter
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Just one week ago, the new pipeline has just merged with the world, a value of billions of dollars of state-owned enterprises in Tianjin. The expansion of territory in the Ye Jinfeng, this undoubtedly is a carefully written. Since the transport of the glass tube, a radius, he must build a production base across the country, and now he's annual rate of 10 branch expansion, the light opened 14 this year. In Ye Jinfeng view, the next three years is crucial for the glass pipe, the industry will face a major reshuffle back to life. "In fact, the glass pipe industry, companies have to do ten years ago, but now the problems the industry is that product quality is poor, backward production technology, after-sales service can not keep up, the industry's development has been questioned." To pipeline of new materials to upgrade the industry continues to expand, rapidly expanding itself. With the first-mover advantage, "New World" has become the industry standard glass steel cable makers, this "standard" is expected to complete early next year to amend. "Our standard is developed, and patent, which is not available in any peer." Ye Jinfeng great lung power: The new pipeline will become the world industry leader in this segment. "We want to integrate our industry colleagues to collect and analyze information in preparation for the mergers and acquisitions, open up the upstream." Upstream at the same time open up a new world along the main line of fiberglass, but also extended to more areas downstream: "We are still Deqing Huzhou base to build a large pipe factory, producing glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, the project aimed at the climax of the municipal reform. " Relying on science and technology, Ye Jinfeng forefront in the industry, and he clearly expected to maintain its advantage, still need to continue to invest in science and technology. "Now we can produce 50mm to 4000mm diameter pipeline, winding offset is less than 1mm, the technology leader in the domestic industry." Ye Jinfeng invested heavily in technology for this research, the company set up in Wuhan University of Technology research center devoted to the pipeline design and materials applications.
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