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Place of boat of harbor of county of area of scene of settle of yacht of glass r
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Dispatch of network of peaceful sea news a few days ago, a 80 guests that invest nearly 1 million yuan settle of passenger ship of travel of glass reinforced plastics area of scene of my county the Milky way, make the yacht amount inside scene area achieves 16 766 objectives. To ensure this water area has favorable passenger transport order and safe travel environment, severe administration of department of prefectural harbor boat, diligent directive, hurried is safe, escort the Emperor for the safety on water convoy.
To ensure to safety is carried on the tourist's water, the priority discipline such as the configuration of equipment of fire control of safe to relation shipping structure intensity, lukewarm sex, lifesaving, prefectural harbor boat is in check boat personnel to guard a pass strictly, in order to ensure the dependability of shipping quality, wash out boat condition compulsively relative to 4 poorer shipping, the yacht of new heighten norms, high quality. In the meantime, help travel company builds the safety on perfect water to manage a network, decompose secure job fulfil a person, ensure shipping voyage is safe.
Building lash-up to rescue them network while, place of prefectural harbor boat still sends a person to go to the spot to help directive travel company do well for many times lifesaving fire drill, emphasize secure job only start does not have terminus, raise consciousness of each nautical safety.

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