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Surface treatment of glass molds
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FRP molded products quality is good or bad, except for the overall technical quality of the factory workers, the most important quality of life to the number of mold. Domestic production of glass fiber reinforced plastic mold from the structure is good, can be compared with other industrialized countries, however, the surface quality of glass molds generally poor, in addition to the domestic preparation of the mold resin and the mold tools and equipment deficiencies, most domestic manufacturers importance of foreign factories did not mold making and mold surface finish treatment. FRP products finish depends on the glass mold finish, so at home and abroad on the grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic, glass steel mold surface fine but fine, glass, steel mold is the product of the mother, in fiberglass mold many times, again effort, the future of glass steel products on the availability of better results. Fiberglass mold surface treatment technology are described below. First, the new model and the renovation of the old model: 1, Water Mill - a new tool or renovation of the old mold, the first water sandpaper water mill, water mill water sandpaper when the starting point must be high, usually starting from the 600, some users to improve efficiency, from the following 400, 400 or even more water sandpaper rough start for Figure de vivre, not knowing that due to coarse sand coarse sand paper marks after re-sanding is fine sandpaper grinding either can not afford; after 600 to 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 (even 2000) step by step, A can not be provincial, but also to Seiko secret agents, willing to make great efforts and spent fine effort and does not allow opportunistic. 2, polishing - first rough polishing agent on the amount applied to the mold surface, electric polisher, polishing, it will sheep Maopan Ping on the mold surface, start polishing machine for spiral-shaped park running, throwing a piece of the past, Do not drain cast, the main workload in the rough polishing, so at least twice as thick cast to die smooth so far. After rough polishing, put on new wool disk, then fine polish fine polishing, repeat the above operation, the thickness of polishing agent is not the same plate with a wool, preferably the use of a polishing machine. Aluminum spot welding 3, cleaning mold - mold cleaning process is to polish on the mold surface, or residual oil, etc. removed, so that the subsequent addition of sealing agents and release agents (wax) can be securely attached to the mold, clean mode water in general rub twice, first wipe clean mode of water in the mold surface with gauze and then wipe dry, apply a layer of mold clean water, let it dry sufficiently volatile (about half an hour), then a clean dry cloth to light . 4, sealing die - that require secondary steel products in terms of the glass finish, usually with 3 polished or polish it. However, only the polished surface of the mold, there are still a lot of invisible micro-holes, so the requirements of high precision glass for steel products is concerned, have to put sealing of these tiny holes, so accuracy of FRP products and on a level. Specific method is to sealing agent, with gauze evenly coated in the mold surface, let dry (about 30-60 minutes), then a clean dry cloth to light. If it is a new mold, to seal the hole four times, if the renovation of the old mold, sealing twice. 5, mold release - according to the production of glass with different thickness of steel products, choose a different mold release. For sanitary ware casting molding fiberglass or base it around 5MM thick glass thickness of steel products, due to larger than fiberglass curing heat, to use high-temperature mold release wax. Stripping concrete coating amount of wax is best to use gauze to wrap the wax mold release and then squeezed through gauze evenly coated to the mold surface, so that both the uniform and savings to warrant the large number of scattered wax mold release and let it dry (30 - 60 minutes), and then hand pack a clean gauze to wipe or polishing machines for throwing light shine on people. New mold to the mold release wax 4 to 5 times before use. First product after ejection, after each wax mold release to the last ejection. In order to improve product finish and improve work efficiency, stripping the first to be painted a release agent such that the product finish, and avoid the use of mold release wax, wax, dirt should be cleaned after several times of suffering. Second, the production of the mold surface renovation over time: After repeated use or long-term storage of mold release wax mold release wax mold Yi oxidation, when the reproduction fiberglass and rough surface due to positive impact of product wax finish, then renovated renovated to be used twice to clean mold cleaning agent for all product wax All washed, and then sealing agents sealed twice, three times and then stripping the wax mold and a new look, you can resume normal use.
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