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Colophony material can make a car lighter more the province is oily
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Colophony, in the impression of most person, be most the noun that often appears on glasses. Really, colophony lens is product of this kind of science and technology most common in life of ordinary common people application, the people that its deft quality lets wear glasses cast off the heavy pressure on bridge of the nose. Actually, the colophony application in human life is very wide, and its newest application in car domain, brought brand-new concept and change for car science and technology and life.
A few data production companies of Japanese gave colophony car window and part of other car colophony for car company development. According to " Japanese economy news " website report, each old stuff manufacturer is Japan the material of new light-duty colophony of car research and development, will begin batch production in succession. Report, company of person of the Supreme Being from this year the autumn begins to will provide the new-style high strength that can replace a car to use glass to European market transparent colophony, and the high strenth resin that Xu Huacheng company uses at car engine periphery also will on April 1, 2009 put into production.
The window of transparent colophony car of new research and development, its are hard intensity a bit uses glass to differ unlike average car, and transparent colophony is pervious to light the gender is idealer than glass also. In the meantime, colophony spy some extends a gender to make colophony not easy be attacked to break, although burst also is met,integral adhesion is together. Even if colophony fragment, the pointed pitch of its edges and corners also under cullet, this makes window of transparent colophony car has better security. Not only such, only the 2/3 of window of common glass car goes to the weight of window of transparent colophony car 1/2, reduced greatly truckload quality.
If say window of transparent colophony car lets the person understands very easily and be accepted, case of motor of high strenth colophony has bit of unimaginably queer making a person. Colophony handles refrigeration through relapsing below high temperature, can mold the high strenth resin of no less than steely hardness. The part of car engine case that makes with place of product of this kind of colophony, be in likewise weight and cost respect excel are common metallic product. In addition, each old stuff manufacturer still is developing Japan actively to have metal and colophony stuff mixture forms with combination light-duty composite material. It is reported, if these material reduce the integral weight of the car 3 into, the fuel expenses that uses up will be reduced from this two into, and this to colophony material it is a very easy task.
Below the setting that does not fall high in gas price house, the competition that Japanese automobile industry expects around light-duty material is intense with each passing day already. It is colophony not only, all new-style raw material that can change a car are among positive research and development. Current, japanese all circles is cooperating actively tackle key problem, research and development is used at the material of low cost carbon fiber of car bodywork, "Car of complete carbon fiber " hopeful is in around implementation is commercial 2015. And the new material that other data business will begin to batch production can be used at car assembly or replace glass first. Anyhow, by the revolution of car new material that colophony drives already dark wave is moved, prospective car can present qualitative leap certainly.
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