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Polyurethane is flexible solidify agent improves epoxy resin tenacity
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Epoxy resin has a lot of superior performance and be applied extensively, but the brittleness that cross-linking of the height after solidify produces restricted the success application in certain domain however. Be like mechanical function exceedingly good, dielectric protecties good, corrosion resistance can beautiful, shrinkage is low, good chemistry and thermal stability, high strenth and high standard are measured, stick it is good to receive performance with processability can admirable etc, in appearance of adhesive, electron, light industrial, building, mechanical, aerospace, coating, felt and electron the domain such as matrix of electric insulation, advanced composite material gets applied extensively. The method that improves epoxy resin tenacity has matrix colophony to add pliable but strong and flexible solidify agent adds pliable but strong, former domestic and international research is more mature already, and macromolecule is flexible solidify agent adds pliable but strong epoxy resin is the new heat that develops in recent years.
Huanali is versed in university material science considers to get together so glycol, second 2 amine and TDl for raw material, synthesis gives the polyurethane that carries amine radical structure (ATPU) is flexible solidify agent, use its at solidify epoxy resin (the M2 of / of 50kJ of condensate impact strength of E-44) , than the second below similar requirement the M2 of / of impact strength <20kJ of child of epoxy resin of 2 amine solidify had very big rise. In the meantime, the condensate of ATPU / E-44 shows better thermal stability in pyrolysis later period.

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